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PMTI 4 Day PMP® Certification Boot Camp
This is the ideal targeted training for experienced project managers who are required to get the PMP® Certification.

Course Introduction (class schedule)

  • PMI® pre-approved PMP® Certification Exam Prep Course - for 40 PDUs/contact hours
  • 4-day class; students may schedule to take the PMP® Certification exam on the fifth day
  • PMP Certified Instructors with years of PMP® certification training experience
  • Instructors with over ten years of industry experience
  • Instructors with master's degrees and prior training experience
  • Includes an optional FREE online course to prequalify for PMP® Exam

100% True Money Back Guarantee
(class schedule)

  • Take the exam within 14 days of class completion date (95% students pass)
  • If you fail, we'll assume the financial risk. We'll pay the reexam fees, analyze your results, and offer custom coaching
  • If you fail again, we'll pay the re-exam fees, analyze your results, and offer custom coaching
  • If you fail the third time, we'll refund your money (less PMTI paid exam fees)
  • Or if you prefer, you can attend our next available class at our cost

Success Rate (class schedule)

  • 95% for first time exam takers
  • 98% for second time reexam takers

What You Get In Class (class schedule)


  • PMP® certification prep guide (PMTI Student Bluebook)
  • 650+ PMP® certification test - style prep questions
  • Pens, Pencils, Markers, Calculator, Eraser
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks during classroom sessions
  • PMTI Course completion certification
  • FREE 45 PDUS required for re-certification for 3 more years.

Special Promotional ADD-ONS (Won't last long)
(class schedule)

  • PMP® Exam Resume Preparation Assistance
  • PMP® Exam Readiness Assessment on Day 4 of class
  • PMP® Exam Eligibility assessment before you enroll

PRE-Requisites (class schedule)

  • PMP® Exam Eligibility (check www.pmi.org or contact us!)

Learning Strategies (class schedule)

  • Multiple learning styles
  • Repetition through various instructional methods
  • Using different ways of assimilating same knowledge
  • Mnemonics, Study aids for instant recall
  • In-classroom practice tests and final Exam
  • Information needed to memorize compressed and summarized
  • Developing test taking strategies

Course Contents (class schedule)

Approximately 60% of the course is based on PMBOK®. Additionally, we refer to over fourteen books and include relevant material for the PMP® exam based on our instructors' years of PMP® certification coaching experience.

  1. Integration Management
  2. Scope Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Cost Management
  5. Quality Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Risk Management
  8. Communications Management
  9. Procurement Management
  10. Stakeholder Management,
  11. Project Management Context, Framework, Processes, and
  12. PMP® Examination tips, tricks, and strategy.

Student Commitment (class schedule)

The fundamental objective of the course is to prepare students for the PMP® examination. All we ask from you is a 100% commitment to the training program.

Project Management Training Institute 10 out of 10 2250 ratings.

Proposed Course Schedule

Would like to PM study by yourself? Take a look at our class schedule for a class near your or download PMTI FREE PMP® Exam Prep Infopac for details on the course.

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Money-Back Guarantee

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