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Why PMTI for Your PMP Exam Prep Training

You have many choices when it comes to your PMP exam prep training, so which one do you choose? Project Management Training Institute (PMTI) has been the choice since 2003 for thousands of candidates with a desire to obtain PMP Certification. Some of our competitors will cancel classes if there are not enough students. All classes scheduled at PMTI are guaranteed run. So what sets us apart from the others?

PMTI Instructors are PMP Certified

All PMTI instructors are PMP® certified, possess an MS/MBA/PhD, some are certified as CISA/CFA/CQA/CMC, and all have at least 10 years of real world experience in project, program, and/or strategic management. All PMTI instructors go through a "PMTI Instructor Certification" process that spans 8 days of class instruction. Collectively, they have helped thousands of students pass the PMP® exam. Our instructors also serve on the boards of PMI® communities and are leading the creation of PMI® standards such as OPM3®, and industry standards such as MS Project Server! Profiles will be provided on request. See About Us for more information on our company.

PMP Test Pass Guarantee

We realize your number one goal is to pass the PMP Exam, and PMTI can guarantee it. A lot of companies make guarantees, why is ours different. PMTI provides the best value for your money to prepare for PMP® Exam Certification with our "Pass PMP in 5 days or your Money Back Guarantee*. Don't just take our word for it! Compare other PMP® Exam Prep Courses with PMTI courses and see why other don’t compare to our 4 Day PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp. We are so confident you will call us back that we even provide you with a list of other PMP® Exam Prep Course providers for your convenience!

PMTI Commitment to You Earning Your PMP Certificate

PMTI is able to do this because we focus only on PMP certification. There are several good training locations that provide project management training, they may or may not focus on PMP® certification training alone and some only have marginal interest in your success or this course. A lot of them do not provide end-to-end customer centric service. PMTI helps students with PMP® exam application preparation, FREE online resources, and more included in an all-inclusive fee structure. Sometimes, the course fees of other training institutions are less, but their commitment to your needs may not match yours, like getting a PMP® certification. Some of them train only a few times a year which may not meet your time schedule. Some even claim they train you as better project managers, we disagree that it is possible to train someone as an efficient project manager in 40 hours! "Project Manager" is a role acquired by knowledge and experience and not learnt in 40 hours! Our job is to get you the certification to gain that experience.

PMP Requirements

As you know PMP® exam requires you to have stringent experiential and educational requirements. The certification is designed to validate your accomplishments. Hence, our training is designed around your commitment, your schedule, and we respect your experience in the class. You will be delighted with the level of knowledge, experience, education and commitment of our instructors. For a complete list of requirements visit PMI.org.
Feature Provider PMTI PMA Simplilearn Global Knowledge
PMI Global Registered Education Provider Since 2003 Since 2009 Since 2010 Since 2005
Instructors Made Significant PMBOK Guide Contributions Many None None
Instructor-Owned. Vested in Your PMP Success Yes No No No
4 Day Class. Students Take Exam on 5th Day Yes Ready in Months Ready in Months Ready in Months
Content/Questions Developed by Instructors Yes
35-Contact Hours to Pre-Qualify for Exam 75 Hours 35 Hours 35 Hours 35 Hours
Extra 3 Years of PMP Certification (after PMP 53 PDUs) Yes No No No
Company Focus on PMP and Related Certifications Yes Yes No No
100% True PMP Certification Guarantee Yes No No No
Money Back Guarantee (Not just re-attend class) Yes Yes No No
Reimbursement for Re-Examination Fees Yes No No No
Corporate/Group Discount Yes
Pay Your Exam Fees Yes No No No
Early Bird Discount Yes No No No
Additional PDU Training for Skills Enhancement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free course with 35 contact hours Yes yes Yes Yes
Free memorization math and process sheet Yes
Free application prep tool Yes
Free Application Review By Live Experts Yes No No No
Free PMP roadmap Yes No No No
Free 200 Diagnostic Test Questions Yes No No No
Free Course Content Online (Blue book) Yes No No No
Free online Grey Book (ITTO practice workbook) Yes No No No
Free online Orange Book (PMBOK guide methodology templates) Yes No No No
Free online Brown Book (nearly 1000 questions) Yes No No No
Full boot camp videos Yes No No No
Six Months Online Access Yes No No No
Incorporate Adult Accelerated Learning Techniques Yes No No No
Course Content (Blue book) Yes Yes Online only Yes
Grey Book (ITTO practice workbook) yes No No No
Orange Book (PMBOK guide methodology templates) Yes No No
Brown Book (nearly 1000 questions) Yes No No No
PMP In-Class Mock Exam 500 Questions 500 In-class 250 In-class
Extra Online Practice Questions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Food (Breakfast, Lunch, & 3 PM Snacks) Yes No No No
Misc - Markers, Pens, Pencils, Eraser Yes Yes No No
Professional and Relaxed Classroom Environment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Canvas Messenger Bag Yes
Certificate of Completion (Profession & PDF Version) Yes Yes Online Yes
Free Multiple 3 Hour Tutoring (Webinar) Yes No No No
Email Support From Instructor Yes
Phone Support From Instructor Yes
11-Page Analysis of PMP Exam Results Yes
Free Customized Coaching For Re-Examinees Yes No No No
PMP Exam Eligibility Assessment Before You Enroll Yes No No No
PMP Exam Application Preparation Assistance Yes No No No
PMP Exam Application Review By Live Experts Yes No No No
PMP Exam Readiness Assessment on Day 4 of Class Yes
Pass Rate 99 99 98.6 98
200+ Years Collective Industry Experience Yes
Extra 3 Years of PMP With Free PDUs Yes No No No
All Scheduled Classes Guaranteed to Run Yes
Instructors Have 5+ Year PMP Training Experience Yes
Trained Thousands+ of PMPs Yes
Several PMP Certified Instructors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instructor With 10+ Years Industry Experience Yes No No No
Instructors Have Masters/MBA/Ph.D degree Yes
Project Management Articles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free PMP Course Infopak Video Yes No No No
Free PMP Course Infopak Download Yes Yes Yes No
Free PMP Simulation Test - 200 Questions Yes 80 only 100 only No
Free PMP Course Webinar Yes No No No

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