When you register online or by phone for the PMTI e-Learning Course you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:



1.         Enrollment Fee.  Full payment of the enrollment fee is due at the time of registration.  You can pay by credit card, debit card, check, or wire transfer.  We will reserve your seat when full payment has been made; however, if you choose to pay by check, your seat will not be reserved until your check has cleared.  In the event a check is returned for insufficient funds, we will allow 3 business days for you to make full payment.  An additional fee of $75 will be charged for each returned check.  Lack of payment may result in collection proceedings and we reserve the right to notify PMI® that your Course Transcript or Certificate has been suspended due to non-payment.  The enrollment fee shall cover the course registration and participation, and all other Course content.

We will accept payment from companies or other third parties only if such company or third party provides us with a valid Purchase Order containing acceptable payment terms and conditions; however, you are responsible for full payment prior to the commencement of class. Any funds received on your behalf in excess of the full enrollment fee will be returned to you.


2.         System Availability.  e-Learning system is generally available 24X7, but may be down during times of maintenance required for optimum system performance. PMTI will make every effort to inform you of system downtime in advance, but, this is not always possible. PMTI cannot provide support for computers that do not meet our system requirements. 


3.         Refund Policy.  No refunds are available for e-Learning courses. Stop payment of checks and charge backs on credit card transactions with or without PMTI's consent results in the student incurring the charges for the charge back as well as any legal action from PMTI in addition to a formal complaint to PMI and revoking of certification(s). 


4.         Copyright and Proprietary Property.  We will provide to you manuals and other material, which are copyrighted proprietary property of PMTI. You will also receive additional materials that are the copyrighted proprietary property of third parties. All copyrights relating to any course materials provided or made available by us or any other party remain the sole property of the holder of the copyright. Therefore, no part of any course materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or translated into any language, without our prior written consent. Any such reproduction, storage or transmittal of copyrighted material constitutes a violation of the PMI code of ethics and will be reported to PMI.  


5.         Warranty.  We guarantee your success in passing the PMP® exam provided that the following conditions are met: (i) you have full training without interruption; (ii) you have passed the in-house simulated exam with a 70% or better; and (iii) you take the PMP exam within 14 days of completing the course; (iv) followed all the instructions provided in the class, including but not limited to ?PMP Exam Strategy? (v) no accidental events that are not in control of PMTI such as system failure, or loss of power have occurred during PMP Exam. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, BY OPERATION OF LAW OR OTHERWISE FOR THE USE OR RESULTS OF THE COURSE AND MATERIALS, THAT YOU WILL SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE COURSE, OR THAT ANY PARTICULAR LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE WILL BE ATTAINED BY YOU. PMTI DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  


6.         Limitation of Liability.  If your failure to pass the PMP® exam results in a breach of the Warranty set forth above, your sole and exclusive remedy is as follows:

If you fail the test on your first attempt we will pay your re-exam fee (up to $275), analyze your results, and provide coaching through e-mails and phone calls provided that you schedule the second test within twenty one (21) days from the date of the first test.

This "Limitation of Liability" section applies regardless of the basis on which you are entitled to claim damages from us, including but not limited to, breach of contract (even in the case of a fundamental breach) and tort (including, but not limited to, misrepresentation). This limitation of liability also applies to our subcontractors.

The cost of this class DOES NOT include the following:

PMI membership fees (roughly $129 - payable to PMI)
PMP exam fees (roughly $405 - payable to PMI)








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