Do I need my PMP credentials?

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Should I get PMP Certified?


Why? PMI estimates that there are about 16.5 million project managers* in the world. Of those, only 833,025 PMP Certified individuals*.

Famous Project Managers – What we can learn

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Before anyone invented the name “project manager”, in fact, before anyone had invented the English language, there were people in [...]

Slowing down to learn the PMP exam

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Slowing down to study the PMP exam is the best way to learn more and pass the exam. Take your time and have a great plan.

Failed the PMP Exam? – What to do now

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Failing the PMP exam is frustrating, but there are lots of reasons to take it again. Need some encouragement? Here it is.

Al Chen: Top 3 Ways Project Managers Encourage Collaboration

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Successful project managers embody many similar character traits. Whether you are managing an oil rig, hospital, or software product, you [...]

Project Management Careers: Today and in the Future

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Introduction to Project Management Careers Project management (PM) has been around since the first caveman rolled a rock with his [...]