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Yad Senapathy, PMP April 6, 2022

PMP Certification has increasingly become the golden standard for project managers, and it's currently the most globally recognized certification in the vast field of project management.

PMP certification is provided by the Project Management Institute - a non profit organization tasked to maintain and ensure standards among project managers. For project managers, PMP certification comes with numerous benefits for both you and your employers. PMP certification allows you to work in any part of the globe in any industry-you are not limited to any geographical location or any industry as with other certifications.

Additionally, PMP certification is quite beneficial regarding earning potential. PMP certified project managers are reported to be earning 20% higher salary as compared to their counterparts who are PMP uncertified. On the part of the employers, PMP certification assures them of your qualifications, knowledge, and skills to solve challenges encountered in project management and complete projects on budget and time and achieve the set goals.

The first step towards being PMP certified is to meet the PMP requirements to sit for the exam set by PMI, enroll in a PMP certification training institute achieving the 35 contact hours, and get certified. In essence, PMP certification validates skills, experience; education, as well as competency; thus, it should be a target for any ambitious project manager looking for career progression in the field of project management.

Below, we have discussed the top PMP training institutes in Sacramento to enable you to make a well-informed decision.

Top 6 PMP Training Centers in Sacramento

Project Management Training Institute (PMTI)

If you are looking for the best PMP boot camp training in Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, Modesto, Reno, Fresno, Fremont or any adjacent areas, PMTI should be your first option. This is because we offer world-class PMP certification training ideal for project managers looking to get certified within a short time.

Our 4-day boot camp training format that has been in existence for over sixteen years has been proven to be effective beyond reasonable doubt churning out over 100,000 graduates handling different capacities in project management across the globe. Our training is designed to sufficiently prepare Sacramento project managers to sit for the PMP examination, pass and get certified on the fifth day.

With over 16 years of PMP certification exams, our course instructors are undoubtedly experienced with various qualifications, including PMP certification thus provide top-notch training ideal for you. By enrolling in our PMP boot camp in Sacramento, CA, you can be confident of passing the PMP certification exams thanks to our goal-oriented, intense training conducted by our experienced course instructors.

We boast of having a 99% success rate, and thus you can be sure to pass the PMP certification exams and join our over 100,000 graduates. And if for some reason you fail to pass, we offer a 100% genuine money-back guarantee to caution you from the extreme losses.

Our PMP Certification Training Boot Camp in Sacramento

Our PMP certification training in Sacramento is conducted in a 4-day boot camp led by licensed and professional class instructors. The primary objective of the training is to adequately prepare Sacramento project managers to sit for the PMP examination and realize success on the first attempt.

Our 4-day boot camp training format has been practiced for over sixteen years and has been verified to be competent in producing exceptional PMP certified project managers. Basing on customer feedback, we have continually upgraded our course PMP course itinerary to suit the needs of each student, thus ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity of achieving PMP certification is less than five days. By enrolling in our Sacramento PMP training camp experience, you are well assured of passing the PMP certification exams on the first attempt attributed to our 99% success rate. To ensure you of success, we offer a genuine 100% money-back guarantee; therefore, you need not worry about a loss if you fail. To join our Sacramento PMP training boot camp, there are no requirements, but you have to meet the below PMI's eligibility requirements to sit for the exam.

Eligibility Requirement for PMP Certification

There are two different categories of PMP certification eligibility requirements.

Category I

  1. Secondary degree, high school diploma, associate's degree, or a global equivalent.
  2. Experience in supervising and handling projects encompassing 60 months over a minimum of 5 years.
  3. Completed 35 hours of project management training.

Category II

  1. Bachelor's degree in project management or a global equivalent.
  2. Experience in handling and supervising projects encompassing 36 months over a minimum of 3 years.
  3. Completion of 35 hours in project management training.

If you are having doubts about your eligibility, you can seek assistance from our free PMP Eligibility Assessment tool, or you can send your resume to [email protected] and get immediate feedback concerning your eligibility.

The eligible requirement highlighted above is what you need to become approved to sit for the exam. With our course, you will be provided with the necessary study resources to enable you to study for the PMP exams. All you will be required to do is to sit and listen to the course instructors as they try to explain vital concepts in project management to enable you to pass the exams. While we can guarantee a 99% success rate, it's crucial that you realize you will need to put in work, focus, and have the right mindset to pass the PMP certification exams and get certified.

Why you are likely to pass by enrolling in our Sacramento PMP Training Boot Camp

Passing Rate- As earlier stated, we have a 99% pass rate; therefore, you can be well assured of passing the intense PMP certification examinations. Our 4-day PMP training boot camps are well designed offering goal-oriented training to enable you to pass the PMP exams on the first attempt. To assure you of success, we have a 100% true money-back policy; therefore, you can be sure of not realizing a loss by enrolling in our program.

We specialize in PMP Certification Training- Unlike other PMP certification training providers in Sacramento; we specialize in PMP certification training, making us the best when it comes to PMP training. Therefore, you are well-positioned to achieve success by enrolling in our boot camp since our training is not compromised as in other PMP training providers.

Our Course Instructors are PMP Certified-To provide world-class PMP certification training - we ensure our instructors are PMP certified as well as having undergone an 8-day intensive PMTI Instructor Certification training. On top of PMP certification, our trainers have other qualifications, including MS/MBA/D. in addition to other professional body certifications such as PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, PfMP, PgMP. Additionally, our instructors have vast experience in PMP certification training spanning over ten years. With such an extensive portfolio, you are indeed assured of getting top-notch PMP certification training engineered to award you PMP certification in a short time.

We Provide PMP Study Materials- When joining our program; we provide different PMP study resources to cater to your training needs. Among the resources provided include the four proprietary PMTI PMP training books, PMBoK guide book (exam edition), PMP success roadmap; PMP exams practice questions, and crucial supplementary topic videos, among others.

We Offer Different Modes of Training- At PMTI, we offer three modes of training each encompassing 35 contact hours need to sit for the PMP certification exams. The three methods of training are In-class programs, online instructor-led live classes, and online self-study courses. By offering different modes of training, we ensure that the needs of every individual student are met in turn enhancing their chances of passing the PMP examination.

Project Management Academy

Project Management Academy institution offers PMP certification training in Sacramento. Like PMTI, the institution also uses the 4-day boot camp training format. The institution mainly offers live classes led by qualified instructors who take students through the critical course content. On signing up for the program, students are also provided with the necessary study resources, including the PMBoK guide book, PMP exams practice questions as well as other training materials. Project Management Academy does not offer online self-study courses, thus significantly disadvantaging busy project managers who may be too busy to attend the instructor-led classroom sessions.

At PMTI, we offer three modes of training to cater to the needs of individual students giving no room for failure. Project Management Academy may be a decent PMP certification training institution but does not inclusive PDU courses with PMP training, thus substantially limits the benefits of training. Additionally, it has been in existence for a short time, meaning that their course instructors may not be as experienced as those in PMTI.

Project Management Excellence Center

Project Management Excellence Center (PMEC) also provides PMP certification training in Sacramento using the 4-day boot camp training format. The training achieves PMI specifications, including the 35 -contact hour requirement to sit for the PMP examinations. The institution boasts of experienced PMP instructors who deliver PMP course content using a collaborative approach to enhance learning outcomes. PMEC claims to have a 98% pass rate backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. The major downside with PMEC is that it doesn't offer online PMP certification training or weekend training sessions, thus locking busy project managers who would wish to receive PMP certification. Nonetheless, they still provide adequate PMP certification training to guarantee you success in your PMP certification exams.

Invensis Learning

Invensis Learning is another institution based in Sacramento, offering PMP certification training. The training is based on the PMBoK guide book encompassing five process groups and ten knowledge groups. Students achieve the 35 contact hour requirement before sitting for the PMP certification exams in line with PMI requirements. Invensis learning delivers PMP certification training primarily through instructor-led classroom sessions and live online courses. They also have a weekend training option ideal for project managers who might not find time during the week. However, they don't offer online self-study training mode, therefore not ideal for students who would prefer to study at their own time and pace. Additionally, the institution does not state the success rate as well as the provision of a money-back guarantee, which is a red flag. The pass rate at PMTI is 99% backed by a 100% authentic money-back guarantee.

Cerstaffix Training

Cerstaffix training provides PMP certification training in Sacramento to prepare students to sit for the PMP certification exams. The institution offers several modes of training, including a multiple attendance method that allows students to choose their convenient style of study. The classroom sessions are conducted by experienced instructors who use real-life scenarios to train students. The training offered at Cerstaffix Training is based on the PMBoK guide book, and students are provided with some study materials necessary in preparing for PMP certification exams. The institution does not solely focus on PMP certification training, and this is quite disadvantageous to students as it may compromise the quality of training offered at the institution.

Additionally, Cerstaffix training charges a ridiculously high amount of training fees ($ 2910) with no money-back guarantee; therefore, it puts you at risk of a massive loss in case you fail the exams. The success rate is also not listed thus creates doubt on the quality of training provided. Moreover, students are not provided with the necessary PMP exam preparation materials, therefore, jeopardizing their chances of passing the exams. The training isn't worth that much amount of money.

Intense School

Intense School based in Sacramento offers PMP certification training in Sacramento using a boot camp format. The training is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge to pass the PMP exam and get certified. Students are taken through the training involving 35 contact hours in 5 days with experienced instructors leading the training. The training is conducted in two primary modes: live online training and classroom-based training. When enrolling in the training program, students are provided with study materials, including the PMBoK guide book, which is a reference book in PMP certification training.

Additionally, students are provided with free passage to the Intense ExamPrep PortalITM where they get access to more PMP examination preparation materials. The institution also claims to offer a money-back guarantee, but it's limited to repaying for a re-test and only counts for one re-test. The success rate is also not known thus raises questions of the quality of training offered at the institution.

Bottom Line

PMP certification is currently the most sought after certification in project management and therefore, should be a target of every ambitious project manager. The certification does not only benefit project managers but also the employers who are assured of higher quality work output to complete projects on the set time and within the budget expectation. For project managers, PMP certification means higher salaries as well as lucrative employment opportunities.

The immense benefits of PMP certifications mean that it's quite expensive to attain such accreditation. Therefore it's vital to choose a well-established PMP certification training provider offering top-notch training to save your money and time. From the comparison above, it's evident that PMTI offers top-of-the-class PMP certification training backed by a 99% pass rate as well 100% authentic money-back guarantee. At PMTI, we boast of experienced instructors ready to guide you through every step of the way to achieve PMP certification. With over 19 years of experience in PMP certification training, we understand how important it is for you to receive quality training that will go beyond the PMP certification exams and equip with the necessary knowledge and skills you require to manage projects effectively.

yad senapathy
Yad Senapathy, PMP

Yad is not just the leader of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI). He helped to write significant portions of the project management standards worldwide. He is helping PMI right now in reviewing, directing, and leading the development of the 7th edition of the PMBOK® Guide to incorporate the most monumental changes to project management standards in 35 years. He shares his wisdom with readers via the PMTI blog.

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