PMP Study Material & PMP Exam Prep Book

What is the best way to learn anything? Learn directly from the authority.

That’s why PMTI’s PMP certification training course is the official and authorized content from the Project Management Institute, which sets the PMP exam questions and administers the test. As an official Premier PMI Authorized Training Partner, which can be verified here, PMI has provided us exclusive rights to train using their content for PMP exam prep.

Some companies present themselves as PMI authorized training outfits. Most do not provide any verification.

Other companies replace the nearly 950 page PMBOK® Guide with yet another set of epic training books with no significant additional value or targeting the PMP exam properly.

So, our pmp training material is designed to be comprehensive, targeted, and is feedback-driven. Our instructors, PMBOK® Guide authors, and veteran trainers, prepare our course material incorporating modern learning techniques and latest exam updates to prepare you exceptionally for this challenging exam.

Our pmp training materials are developed by our course authoring team under the leadership of our company's founder, Yad Senapathy, MS, PMP, who is a well known project management expert and a PMBOK Guide lead and contributor to the fifth and the seventh (2021) edition. He writes for Forbes on the project management and PMP industry. Our authors include standards developers, and those with masters and Ph.Ds in project management.

We meet bi-weekly with our students who passed the PMP exam to seek lessons learned about how to make our course the most success-driven course.

So, our course material is designed to be comprehensive, targeted, and is feedback-driven. Our authors prepare our pmp course material incorporating modern learning techniques and the latest exam updates to prepare you exceptionally for this challenging exam.

We consider our course content to be the best among the best. Here is why our course content is superior to others:

1. PMP Certified Instructors

You want to learn in the most efficient and effective manner suitable to your style of learning. You want to learn with the most authoritative pmp course material. You want instructors who are trained to provide the most impactful preparation.

PMTI meets all these requirements at the highest level. Our instructors are trained and certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to best use their authorized content. To deliver a customized training personalized to you, our instructors hold multiple certifications from PMI and other institutions, such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), PMI’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP), PMI Scheduling Management (PMI-SP), Ph.D., CSSMBB, CSM, PMI-ACP, Certified Disciplined Agile Coach, and more.

Everyone has their own learning pace. That’s why every instructor in 4PMTI is trained to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and will adapt the PMP training modules to suit your individual needs. To ensure you learn from proven and experienced facilitators, we hire only those who trained at least 1000 or more PMP aspirants, have great reviews, and have passed our train-the-trainer exam with high scores.

2. Official PMI Authorized PMP Exam Content

2a. PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Guide (White Book)

This is the official PMI content for the PMP certification training. As you might already know, PMI establishes the PMP exam outline with the knowledge, skills, and tasks necessary to excel as a project manager and pass the PMP exam. Our course takes you through a deep-dive of this book. This PMP book is provided as both a licensed digital copy that can be downloaded and a hard-copy version. The course includes directly targeted content for the three domains of the PMP exam:

People - 42% of the exam (14 tasks):
  • Creating a High-Performing Team
  • Keeping the Team on Track
Process - 50% of the exam (17 tasks):
  • Starting the Project
  • Doing the Work
Business Environment - 8% of the exam (4 tasks):
  • Keeping the Business in Mind
Remember that the pmp exam prep book is still based on the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition. The book covers the complete business value spectrum with traditional, hybrid, and agile frameworks. It not only addresses the approaches to project management, but also provides valuable guidance in avoiding issues and roadblocks in project management.
pmp exam prep white book

2b. Official PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep - Choice Student Portal

Additionally, you will receive login access to PMI’s Official Choice Platform. The platform provides the following additional learning artifacts and tools. Our students receive access to this portal soon after registering for the class so they can get a headstart with their exam preparation:

Downloadable version of PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Guide:

You can get a licensed copy to read offline in a pdf format. We strongly recommend downloading this document immediately and getting started with your preparation.

Blank Forms and Templates:

PMI provides a sampling of a few forms that will provide you an idea of how the ideas in the prep guide may be organized into a template for practical use.


PMI’s book includes several activities that can be done as part of the class. Please review them for familiarity as PMTI will conduct these activities in the class.

Mastery Builders:

PMI also has also included at least one mastery builder test questions for each of the chapters in the exam prep guide. PMTI has enhanced these mastery builders and will use them for testing in the class.

3. Customized PMTI PMP Books

Take a look at the most recent PMP requirements. You'll find that the exam expects deep expertise in leadership, people power skills, knowledge in various ways of working, and strong business acumen.

Your experience matters. So, the PMP books you receive must integrate situations and experience. You want to pass the PMP exam on your first try. So, the content must focus on the most relevant content. You want an easy to digest format to absorb information. You want information that is equitably distributed over the course schedule and judiciously integrates - learning, testing, practice, and interaction. Learning must be based on all learning modes such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic using modern technology and learning tools.

PMTI provides not only PMI’s official authorized content, but also tailored course material that incorporates all the above learning ideologies. You will receive a shipment from PMI as part of our ATP agreement with them as well as a shipment of PMTI supplemental and tailored material to enhance your learning experience. Here is what you’ll receive:

PMP Certification Exam Prep Blue Book (With PMP Exam Strategy)

The Blue Book will be your primary training & guide book during your 4-day PMP training boot camp class. The book is organized along the PMP exam outline defined by PMI. While the official slide presentation from PMI is sufficient, PMTI decided to enhance with visuals, clarifying concepts, and customized content with nearly an additional 200 slides. The pmp exam prep book provides 50% content in traditional and 50% content in agile frameworks. Meeting PMP certification requirements supports some part of exam preparation.

You will train on the following topics in the class using the blue book:

  • PMP Exam and The “Pass-On-First-Try” Strategy
  • The New PMI Project Management Paradigm
  • Traditional and Agile Frameworks
  • Creating a High-Performing Team
  • Starting the Project
  • Doing the Work
  • Keeping the Team on Track
  • Keeping the Business in Mind
  • Online & In-Person Proctored Exam Tips
  • Extra Three Years of PMP!

The book follows closely the PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep Guide described below enriching the content with supplemental information.

pmp exam prep boot camp

PMP Exam Strategy

While knowledge and application is important in the exam, some students struggle with taking standardized tests. Most have not taken one in several decades. You need an easy-to-understand simple set of instructions to apply and tackle the exam favorably.

Some companies provide a100-page strategy PMP book that is hard to follow and difficult to remember or apply. They throw a 20-page memorization sheet which is irrelevant for the current exam. Most of their instructors do not even understand the strategies themselves.

The PMTI Blue Book features a special PMP strategy section on techniques that have helped our students pass the PMP exam. The students review the strategy section daily in the class and apply it when taking the mock exams. Our instructors review the questions in a learning mode using our strategies. Most students study our strategy twice before taking the official PMP exam. You will know how to address breaks in the exam, using highlighting and strike-through, as well as prioritizing questions. Special tips and tricks are provided for taking the exam at home.

PMP Exam Prep In-Class and After-Class (2000) Questions

You need targeted situational questions similar to those in the PMP exam to successfully complete it. You must have a large enough database to test yourself on each one of the 35 tasks PMI tests you in the exam. You also need questions that are either the same or higher level of difficulty. The questions must be distributed to represent the break-down in the exam and the relative importance of topics.

PMTI developed an extensive database of approximately 2000 situational questions (and growing) to address the above aspects of the exam content. The questions cover the three major domains - People, Process, and Business Environment in the same distribution as the exam.

Students get to solve the questions as follows:

  1. Day 1 Midday (Mastery Builder) Exam
  2. Day 1 Evening (Mastery Builder) Exam
  3. Day 2 Midday (Mastery Builder) Exam
  4. Day 2 Evening (Mastery Builder) Exam
  5. Day 3 Midday (Mastery Builder) Exam
  6. Day 3 Evening (Mastery Builder) Exam
  7. Day 4 Midday (Mastery Builder) Exam
  8. Day 4 Evening (Mastery Builder) Exam
  9. Full-length (180 questions) PMP Simulated Exam 1
  10. Full-length (180 questions) PMP Simulated Exam 2
  11. Full-length (180 questions) PMP Simulated Exam 3
  12. Full-length (180 questions) PMP Simulated Exam 4
  13. Additional 700 questions organized into various tests
  14. Take randomized questions by - domain, task, and a full simulation

The questions you tackle in PMTI PMP boot camp in preparation for the PMP exam represent the real questions in terms of difficulty, completeness, length, and the type of questions. Each question in our database is organized by the domain and task relevant to the exam and backed by a detailed rationale that relates back to your learning. Using our enhanced question bank, you will get hands-on practice of single choice, multiple choice, hotspot, and matching type of questions to fully mimic the official PMP exam. We provide both learning mode and exam mode with timers for the simulation tests.

Other providers focus on providing thousands of outdated, long, easy, unfocused questions and do not cover the exam’s content. Such question banks will not only waste your time but will mislead you.

As you complete these mock PMP exams, the instructors do an in-depth analysis of the questions missed, so you are confident and better prepared.

Our robust analytics provides recommendations for the students to focus on specific areas. After each simulated exam you will receive a visual summary report of your performance by domains and tasks. You will also be able to analyze your progress over time. Detailed reports allow you to dig in further into your performance and identify specific areas of strength and weakness. You will receive customized suggestions on what to do to reinforce in a certain area and how to improve in that area.

pmp exam prep questions

PMP Certification Exam Prep Orange Book

The Orange Book will provide you with useful templates and sample forms that you can use inside the class & for your future projects outside the class. Students who are visual learn by seeing examples of project management artifacts. If, for instance, a RACI chart description does not suffice, you will find a practical template in this pmp exam prep book that you can use in your project.

Project Management Sample Template

It’s filled with PMBOK® Guide methodology templates that outlines generally recognized best practices in the industry.

You can fill out examples representing real-life situations that appear in the PMP certification test in this book.

pmp exam prep orange book

4. Online PMP Training Videos

Complimentary online PMP training courses

A recorded version of our in-class PMP training (Led by our Chief Training Officer) will be available to you via our online platform after the class is complete. Our CTO, Yad Senapathy, brings his experience in contributing to the PMBOK Guide to these sessions. Student web site access is free for six (6) months.

You can apply for your PMP exam right after completing the in-person class or this online video course because it fulfills the 35 contact-hour requirement set by the PMI (Project Management Institute).

Complete recorded video of PMP training class

Every online class is recorded and made available to participating students immediately upon completion for a quick rewind.

You may review the recorded videos of your class as many times as you like.

You will hear and watch multiple instructors with different styles present for greater absorption of the information.

Supplemental key PMP topic videos

You’ll also receive over 15 hours of supplemental PMP training videos on critical pmp exam topics.

The pmp training materials cover topics such as traditional to agile and hybrid transition to engaging stakeholders and everything in-between. Besides helping you strengthen your PMP knowledge even more, these videos are jam-packed with practical advice that will help you become a better project manager.

5. PMP Certification Exam Success Kit

pmp course books

PMP certification exam diagnostic test

Measure your readiness to take the PMP certification exam & let our instructors personalize your training to your needs by taking our 180-question PMP certification diagnostic test. We suggest you do this test once before the class to gain an understanding of the PMP exam and learn about your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Once you determine the questions you missed, you can go back to the online books we provide and the videos to fill gaps or correct knowledge inconsistencies.

PMP certification success road map

The PMP certification process can be overwhelming. But don’t worry because we’ve provided you with the PMP certification success road map, which will assist with time management, training plan, and ensuring you’re on the right path to pass the PMP exam on your first try.

It breaks the entire process down into steps giving you the aids necessary to complete each of the steps quickly.

PMP certification application prep tool

To ensure that your application process is accurate & complete, we will also provide you with a PMP certification application prep tool to simplify your application process. The Excel-based tool describes the PMP exam requirements in understandable language and provides a simple way to document non-overlapping project management experience. You will also need to describe your deliverables in 200 words or less. This tool provides several examples and an easy template to create your project descriptions quickly.

PMP memorization math & process sheet

Be extra prepared for your PMP certification exam with our simple one-page memorization document that has been developed and refined by our PMP certified professional trainers specifically for the new exam. A custom-designed big poster of the PMP process flow diagram helps organize your thoughts about what happens next, what the project manager should do, and what the PM is using within a specific process. There is a 3-hour video to describe this entire process flow. We recommend an initial review before the class and another one a day before their exam. No wonder our students nail the “what do you do next?” or “What does the project manager do?” questions.

Most companies provide memorization sheets with irrelevant Math formulas such as critical path method and standard deviation. We focus on keeping our memorization sheets current with the exam specification.

6. Free 53 PDU’s to Extend Your PMP Certification to 6 Years

After you completed your PMP certification process, we’ll give you access to 2 complimentary online courses that’ll give you an additional 53 PDU credits that’ll allow you to maintain your PMP certification for three more years. These courses extend beyond PMP and provide you knowledge on “establishing a PMO” and learning about “Organizational Project Management Maturity.”

Project Management Training Institute is the ONLY training company that offers you this benefit as a complementary offering. Other companies sell PDU course offerings for an additional $500 or more to maintain your PMP certification. They will use glib language such as “Premium” package or “Upgrade”.

Moving forward with us means you get an additional three years of PMP certification — 6 years in total without paying up additional fee for the “Premium”. This unique benefit is part of our commitment to giving you the best value for money and helping you move up to the top of the corporate world and become ultra-successful.

7. 4PMTI’s Swag Bag

You’ll also receive a complimentary 4PMTI swag bag that includes an assortment of goodies like a free messenger bag, a luggage tag, pens, post-it notes & flags, and other trinkets that will be useful for your professional life.

8. Free PMTI Tutoring Sessions

Every week PMTI conducts a 2-3 hour exam review and rewind session with our CTO and PMBOK Guide contributor to the 5th and 7th edition. These are virtual sessions conducted on Zoom and GoToMeeting. Students rave about these sessions and use them extensively to answer troubling questions and dive deeper into difficult topics allowing them to learn and reinforce your knowledge.

9. PMTI PMP Course Reminders

PMTI sends timely reminders with what you need to complete before the class, as well as about the class sessions. These emails contain critical contact information for getting answers to your questions from PMTI and the instructor.

10. 35 Contact Hours

After you complete 35 contact hours training in our in-person/online class, you’ll receive a course completion certificate stating you completed a PMI-approved course from a Premium PMI Authorized Training Provider (PMI-ATP). The certificate verifies you have completed a PMI registered training course.

11. After Cass Survey and Support

Towards continuous improvement, we request you to provide anonymous and direct feedback after the course is complete. We identify and address any concerns, issues, or opportunities to improve your performance as soon as possible. Our instructors, staff, and chief training officer are available directly by email, phone, and Zoom virtual meetings.

Other companies provide chat functions or hide behind emails and do not take a proactive approach to provide guidance on a one-on-one basis on Zoom or other web-conferencing tools.

As you can see, our official and authorized PMI course material reinforced with PMTI supplemental content, unlike other course providers’ pmp training materials are designed to be concise, yet targeted to the goal of achieving your PMP certification. Our expert and effective instruction combined with precise course content and a high-utility online student portal is a guaranteed plan for success in the PMP exam.

Don’t delay! Join one of our PMP certification training courses today!

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