CAPM Certification Training Online Live

Our 3-Day Online, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification Training Courses are the ideal solution for professionals who are just starting or are yet to start their project management career. This certification is an ideal way to demonstrate knowledge in project management methodologies and best practices. The core objective of this course is to adequately prepare students for the CAPM examination. By taking our CAPM exam prep course, taught by our own PMP & CAPM certified trainers, you can be confident that the training experience will adequately prepare you to pass the CAPM examination and receive your CAPM certification in as little as 4 days. We guarantee it with our 100% money-back guarantee!

CAPM exam is changing in October of 2022
PMI conducted a global practice analysis, which includes both extensive market research and a job task analysis and developed the new CAPM exam content outline (ECO). There are significant changes were made to the new exam. Click here to see the upcoming changes. We recomend you complete the training and get certified before October 2022.

PMTI has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the PMI®

PMTI is an approved Premium PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) and is authorized by PMI for PMP certification training licensed and endorsed by PMI. PMI ATP status is awarded to only established, high-quality, financially-sound project management education providers who are aligned to PMI core values, have mature business practices and offer courses aligned to the PMI Talent Triangle. Training organizations that carry the PMI ATP Program Logo are a reflection of PMI and thus must undergo an extensive evaluation of their companies in order to be admitted to the program.

Tell Me More About The CAPM Online Training Experience

When we crafted our CAPM Virtual Training Experience, we wanted to mimic the format of our extremely successful classroom-style PMP Boot Camps, while still fully utilizing the flexibility that a virtual classroom grants. To accomplish this we maintained the same time-tested regimen and course itinerary that has been so successful over the past 15 years, while also allowing for breaks and testing periods to be done away from the distractions that a classroom environment can introduce. Our students have informed us that they enjoy being able to step away from the rigorous, yet thorough training experience and to be available to co-workers or team members that may need their attention or to even just enjoy lunch from the comfort of their own homes. They had great experience in taking our CAPM online classes.

Here's how CAPM Prep Course works.

Our CAPM training online is very simple, and it does not have rigorous requirements. In addition to the course materials described below, you will have an online training course taught over three (3) consecutive days by a live, interactive instructor whom you will be able to ask questions, and who will strive to adapt and relate the training to experiences that you and your fellow classmates have. During this course you will earn and learn everything needed to apply, take, and pass the CAPM exam. This includes an extensive review of each of the PMBOK® Guide Chapters , specifically focusing on the eleven (11) chapters covered in the CAPM exam, click here to see a full breakdown of CAPM exam questions by PMBOK® Guide chapter. Depending on your experience level you need 23 contact hours. No matter your level of familiarity with Project Management Methodologies, you will be completely prepared over the three (3) day course, full course itinerary below.

Here's what you need.

In order to attend this course you will need a computer with a high-speed internet connection (1 Mbps or better), speakers or headphones, and a quiet working environment to complete this course, Recommended System Requirements below. Please ensure that you have these items and test that they are working prior to the first scheduled day of your course. This will help to expedite the first day and ensure your first step towards achieving CAPM Certification is on the right foot. You will also need the right mindset. While 99% of our students pass the CAPM Exam, the exam material is extensive covering the ten knowledge areas and will require dedicated time and effort throughout the course. We don't call it a Boot Camp for no reason.

What Does The Online CAPM Training Course Include?

CAPM Training Course Material
  • Customized Training Delivered by One of Our CAPM Stalwarts
  • Our instructors have over 100 combined years of training towards PMP & CAPM certification and most hold multiple certifications from many institutions, in addition to PMI, including Program Management Professional(PgMP)®, Portfolio Management Professional(PfMP)®, PMI'S Risk Management Professional(PMI-RMP)®, PMI Scheduling Management(PMI-SP)®, and more. Throughout the course your instructor will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and will adapt the course to your individual needs.

  • Digital Copies of All Four Proprietary PMTI CAPM Classroom Training Books
    • CAPM Exam Prep Blue Book
    • This full-color book is the main guide and training book that you will be using during your 3-day CAPM course. The Blue Book explains and provides useful examples of each of the five process groups and the ten knowledge areas that will be covered in the CAPM exam using adult accelerated learning techniques.

    • CAPM Exam Prep Brown Book
    • This question bank includes nearly 500 CAPM test type questions with answers, full explanation & reasoning, the knowledge area and process group that corresponds to the question, and references to locations in our training materials you can find relevant subject matter.

    • CAPM Exam Prep Grey Book
    • An accompaniment to the Blue Book, this book contains contains inputs, tools and techniques, & outputs (ITTOs) in a workbook format so that you can complete examples that are representative of real life situations and what will appear on the CAPM test.

    • CAPM Exam Prep Orange Book
    • The Orange Book is filled with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® Guide methodology templates that outline generally recognized best practices. While this book will be referenced some in class, this is also designed to be a resource for you outside the class. This book provides extremely valuable templates for you to use in future projects.

  • PMBOK® Guide (exam edition)
  • The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is the primary reference to the CAPM exam. It is the most recognized standard for project management in the world and is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. The PMBOK® Guide includes a set of guidelines outlined in 49 processes and describes them in detail elucidating the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs associated with each of the processes. Developed by world-renowned experts which includes PMTI CEO, Yad Senapathy, PMP, the standard also includes several illustrations, figures, and tables to further explain the project management principles that have been proven to have been successful in most companies at most of the time.

  • A CAPM Certification Exam Practice Test
  • This 150 question diagnostic test measures your readiness to take the CAPM certification exam and enables our instructors to personalize your individual training experience to fit your needs. This you can complete it right after you sign up for a CAPM class.

  • A CAPM Course completion Certificate for 24 contact hours
  • A CAPM Success Roadmap
  • The CAPM certification process can be overwhelming. Our CAPM Success roadmap is designed to assist you with time management, planning your training, and to ensure that you are confident in your path to CAPM certification.

  • Memorization Math & Process Sheet
  • This memorization document has been developed by our PMP & CAPM Professional Trainers over multiple iterations across thirteen years of the PMP & CAPM Certification Exams to be a valuable assistance tool to help you prepare.

  • PMTI Swag Bag
  • Your complimentary PMTI swag bag includes an assortment of goodies. From the free messenger bag, to the luggage tag, to the pens, Post-It Notes & Flags, you're sure to find something of value to your professional life.

CAPM Certification Trusted By

100% True Money-Back Guarantee

Take the CAPM certification exam with confidence. Our CAPM course online comes with 100% money-back guarantee. We've refined our training model over 19 years of preparing more than 80,000 professionals to pass the PMP & CAPM certification exams, and we're always improving. We're proud of our training experience and we back it with our 100% true money-back guarantee. We assume all the risk. If you do not pass, we refund 100% of your course fees*. This is the best capm bootcamps that is out there.

How Does Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Our True Money-Back Guarantee is different. Some competitors hide how their guarantee works in the fine print and provide only partial refunds or allow you to only re-attend the class. Here's how our guarantee works:

If you fail the test in your first (1st) attempt we will:

  • Analyze Your CAPM Exam Results
  • Provide You A Custom Study Plan
  • Provide Coaching Through:
    • Online Group Tutoring
    • Phone & Virtual Conferencing Support
    • Email Communications with your Instructor and our Head of Training

You must re-take the exam within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the first exam.

If you fail the test in your second (2nd) attempt we will:

  • Analyze Your CAPM Exam Results
  • Provide You A Custom Study Plan
  • Provide Coaching Through:
    • Online Group Tutoring
    • Phone & Virtual Conferencing Support
    • Email Communications with your Instructor and our Head of Training

You must re-take the exam within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the second exam.

If you fail in the third (3rd) attempt, you have two options:

  1. You may attend our course at no charge for one calendar year from the date of your third test
  2. You may receive a refund of your enrollment fees, minus any refunds or discounts.

CAPM Course Curriculum

Day One Outline

  • Kick-Off
  • Module 1 - Introduction to Course & Exam
    • Description of Test Environment
    • PMTI Exam Strategies, Tips, & Tricks
    • PMI Themes
    • Introduction to Project Management Concepts & Definitions
    • PMBOK® Guide Review - Contents & Structure
  • Module 2 - Project Management Introduction
    • Project Management Context
    • Project Management Framework
    • Project Management Process Introduction
    • Summary of Topics
  • Module 3 - Project Management Processes
    • 5 Process Groups
    • 10 Knowledge Areas
    • Quiz 1
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Lunch Break
  • Module 4 - Project Integration Management
    • Develop Project Charter
    • Develop Project Management Plan
    • Direct and Manage Project Work
    • Monitor and Control Project Work
    • Integrated Change Control
    • Close Project or Phase
    • Quiz 2
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 5 - Project Scope Management
    • Plan Scope Management
    • Collect Requirements
    • Define Scope
    • Create WBS
    • Validate Scope
    • Control Scope
    • Quiz 3
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Day One Sign-Off

Day Two Outline

  • Module 6 - Project Time Management
    • Plan Schedule Management
    • Define Activities
    • Sequence Activities
    • Estimate Activity Resources
    • Estimate Activity Durations
    • Develop Schedule
    • Control Schedule
    • Quiz 4
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 7 - Project Cost Management
    • Plan Cost Management
    • Estimate Costs
    • Determine Budget
    • Control Costs
    • Quiz 5
  • Lunch Break
  • Module 8 - Project Quality Management
    • Plan Quality Management
    • Perform Quality Assurance
    • Control Quality
    • Quiz 6
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 9 - Project Human Resource Management
    • Plan Human Resource Management
    • Acquire Project Team
    • Develop Project Team
    • Manage Project Team
    • Quiz 7
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 10 - Project Communications Management
    • Plan Communications Management
    • Manage Communications
    • Control Communications
    • Quiz 8
    • Review of Questions & Answers
    • Day Two Sign-Off

Day Three Outline

  • Module 11 - Project Risk Management
    • Plan Risk Management
    • Identify Risks
    • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    • Perform Quantitative Analysis
    • Plan Risk Responses
    • Control Risks
    • Quiz 9
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 12 - Project Procurement Management
    • Plan Procurement Management
    • Conduct Procurements
    • Control Procurements
    • Close Procurements
    • Quiz 10
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Module 13 - Project Stakeholder Management
    • Identify Stakeholders
    • Plan Stakeholder Management
    • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    • Control Stakeholder Engagement
    • Quiz 11
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Lunch Break
  • Full Length Practice Exam
    • Review of Questions & Answers
  • Distribute Certificates
  • Day Three Sign-Off

No Domain % on test
1 Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts 36
2 Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies 17
3 Adaptive Frameworks/Methodologies 20
4 Business Analysis Frameworks 27
  TOTAL 100

CAPM Certification Training FAQ

The majority of the exam will still be in multiple-choice format. However, starting Aug 28, 2019, the exam will consist of 2 additional question formats in small measures: Matching questions and multiple choice with multiple correct answers.

There are two standard ways to sit for the CAPM exam - Online proctored exam and center-based exam (CBT). Although paper-based tests (PBT) are also available, they are not recommended.

  • $225 for PMI members
  • $300 for non-members

Reexams are $150 for PMI members and $200 for nonmembers. PMI Membership is $139.

5 Years

The only way to renew the CAPM certifification is to retake the exam. However, after 5 years, it's assumed the eligibility criteria for PMI PMP Certification has been satisfied so go for the PMP at this time!

NO The eligibility requirement for the PMP will still be a requirement. There's no way around that!

CAPM Course Rating

PMP Certification ratings
5/5 Stars - 5134 Reviews

Course Schedule

Online CAPM Training Course

Course Times are in Central Time Zone

9/26/2022 - 9/28/2022

CAPM® Guaranteed

11/21/2022 - 11/23/2022

CAPM® Guaranteed

1/17/2023 - 1/19/2023

CAPM® Guaranteed

3/13/2023 - 3/15/2023

CAPM® Guaranteed

5/8/2023 - 5/10/2023

CAPM® Guaranteed

7/17/2023 - 7/19/2023

CAPM® Guaranteed

9/11/2023 - 9/13/2023

CAPM® Guaranteed

11/13/2023 - 11/16/2023

CAPM® Guaranteed

System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows 7 - Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) – 10.12 (Sierra)

Web Browser

  • Google Chrome v34 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox v34 or later
  • Internet Explorer v8 or later
  • Microsoft Edge v12 or later
  • Apple Safari v6 or later

Internet Connection

  • 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)


  • GoToTraining Desktop App
  • JavaScript Enabled


  • 2GB or more of RAM
  • Microphone and speakers (USB Headset Recommended)
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