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Many veterans have project management experience—just under a different name. The challenge is in the translation and repackaging of their skill sets so that hiring managers spot their skills. Mission-related often translates to ‘projectized,’ and the government and military are highly projectized environments, which make many veterans a natural fit for the project management world.

PMI President and CEO, Mark A. Langley

As ex PMI President and CEO, Mark Langley states, military experience translates exceptionally well into the field of project management. So well that Langley describes the relationship in a way that seems symbiotic. Military experience and project management in the civilian world may not use identical vernacular, but the methodologies are the same. This means that your military experience and skillset is extremely valuable to a career in project management.

If you're active military or a military veteran considering a career in project management, you already have a head start on most professionals in the field. As you begin your transition into civilian life, it can be overwhelming to look for careers and fields that apply the unique skillset that you have developed through your military service tenure. For military looking to transition civilian life, project management is a great career and there are a multitude of project management certifications, from those designed for new entrants to the field, such as the CAPM® certification, to credentials designed for more seasoned and experienced in project management, such as the PMPcertifiation. There's a project management certification to match you and your experience level.

Military Project Management Certifications

There are two main certifications that are administered by PMI that specifically are used by those in the military field, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and the Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications. Each certification is extremely valuable to military project managers and helps to signify a foundational understanding of the core principles of project management. Review the information below and follow the links for additional information on each certification and its requirements.

  • (CAPM) - Certified Associate in Project Management
    • The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification is targeted towards professionals who are just starting or are yet to start their project management career. This certification is an ideal way to demonstrate knowledge in project management methodologies and best practices.
    • To learn more about the CAPM Certification view our CAPM Certification Requirements page.
  • (PMP) - Project Management Professional

Military PMP Certification

Read what these military veterans have to say about their transition into civilian life and their career in the field of project management according to PMI.

[After] a career in the Marine Corps…I moved into a Marine Communication field and my career progressed rapidly. I earned my PMP certification, top-secret clearance, and began my Master’s in technical project management. Over the past three-plus years, my pay has increased by US$21,000, and I have earned valuable experience leading three successful projects that were delivered early, under budget, and with complete requirement satisfaction.

USMC, now a Project Engineer

Get the PMP certification as soon as possible and work to maintain the certification by attending/participating in local PMI functions to stay current…I [learned] from others in the private sector that certifications may provide advantage over education alone.

Retired Military Linguist and IT Technician

As these veterans have described, military experience translates very well into the project management field. No matter whether you choose to pursue the CAPM credential, PMP credential, or any other project management certification, the field of project management is one that your existing skillsets translate well and are valued.

Success Stories of our PMP Class Graduates

Military Forms of Payment

There are a multitude of payment options for Military and veterans looking to complete the CAPM or PMP certification training programs that we offer. Review the information below and if you have any questions about the information provided or group training rates, please call us toll-free at (866) 540-3126.

AFCOOL - Air Force Only

AF COOL is a credentialing program which can be used to fund PMP training and the fist attempt at the exam. This program is mainly for anyone ranked E-7 or above. However, there may be exceptions if you’ve cross-trained and your previous career qualifies you for PMP. If you think that’s the case, check with the education center for confirmation. Also note, the CAPM certification is covered for anyone E-6 and below. Check the dates for our upcoming CAPM certification training courses.

The great news is we have a ton of experience working with AF COOL so if you’re feeling lost about the process, that’s completely normal. Give us a call at 866-540-3126 or send us email to [email protected], and we’ll be more than happy to provide clarification and help you get the ball rolling.


The SF-182 is the Request, Authorization, Agreement, and Certification for Training Form, which is used to document instances of completed civilian employee training in the Department of Defense. Once it has been signed off on, we will use this as a valid Purchase Order.

The official form and full documentation for the SF-182 can be downloaded and viewed here.


A GPC, or Government Purchase Card, is a card specifically administered by the government for qualified, covered purchases. You can use this card to pay directly, or to pay through an invoice. Often the cardholder is a different person that the one attending the course, in which case we recommend paying via an invoice. If paying an invoice, you will need to get an invoice from PMTI, which can be done via email or by calling us.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tuition Assistance Program is one where the individual organization determines if certification programs are covered or not. If you are seeking to use TAP to pay for your CAPM or PMP certification training course, contact a representative at your nearest education center to what's available. Upon finding the vehicle for funding, contact us directly via phone or email and we will work with you to see if your organization qualifies.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

This program is very similar to the Tuition Assistance Program detailed above. Each state's workforce office handles these differently, so we recommend contacting us directly so that we may help guide you through the process.

Each student will have a caseworker that will serve as a point-of-contact for PMTI for any questions related to billing. Please identify whom this is for you and provide this information to us when you request an invoice.

GI Bill®

PMTI is unfortunately unable to currently accept students via the GI Bill®; however, we are working dilligently to remedy this situation. Call us directly or check back in the future for updates on using the GI Bill® for PMTI training courses.

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