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04/25/2021 by Travis P

The PMTI Boot Camp course was such a critical aid in keeping me focused and preparing me the the PMP exam. The instructor was amazing and made it easy for me to follow along in the curriculum which aligned seamlessly with the PMBOK Guide (crucial study material). I passed the exam on my first try and went in feeling confident and ready!

4/21/2021 by Kathleen E

I had a very good experience with PMTI. Booking the class was easy. I got the materials prior to the class even though I signed up for the class only 3 days before it started. The teacher was very good and was there to answer any questions. I took the class and the test all within 5 weeks and passed with an above target score overall. I would highly recommend PMTI.

4/19/2021 by Ronda H

I took the PMP training course back in November 2020. I procrastinated and didn't take the exam. The pandemic hit and everything was shutdown. It's March and I am ready to take the exam, which has changed. I reviewed my materials from the class and due to my thorough boot camp I passed above average in all areas. I would definitely recommend this class if you want to pass the exam.

4/19/2021 by Richard M

PMTI is a solid organization with a track record of success. Every Program Manager in the office that has used PMTI has passed the test on their first attempt.

4/19/2021 by Nick M

This program set me up for success. I was able to pass the first time going through course and completing practice exams. Thanks again!

4/17/2021 by Wendy H

I highly recommend PMTI to anyone who is interested in getting their PMP certification. The boot-camp and instructor really helped prepared me for the exam.

4/16/2021 by Kevin H

The PMTI Virtual Bootcamp provided the right amount and type of instruction that allowed me to not only prepare for and pass the test, but it provided general knowledge and tools that I plan to use in my professional life as well. I found that the key to my success was the multiple delivery methods that included the classes, practice exams, reviews, and printed materials. PMTI was there to help every step of the way with anything I needed.

4/16/2021 by Joey J

PMTI was a great help in me passing the exam, the support was great and the boot camp was extremely helpful in my success.

4/15/2021 by Latoya D

I took the PMP in 2019 and I did not pass. I was nervous to take it again because the test changed. With the help of the PMTI 4 day boot-camp and instructor John S, I was able to come up to speed quickly and score above target in all 3 Process Groups. I highly recommend PMTI. If you follow their strategy and put in the work I strongly believe you will get passing results.

4/15/2021 by Terri O

This program was the key success for passing the exam. From reviewing my application before submission, 4 day comprehensive boot camp to strategy for prepping for exam. I followed their instructions and I know this helped me pass the exam. I highly recommend PMTI for PMP exam prep, you won't regret it!

4/13/2021 by Steven H

The Bootcamp PMTI is super helpful in preparing for the exam. I would encourage anybody wanting to take the test to attend the PMP Bootcamp first.

4/12/2021 by Mubah A

PMTI provided a great boot-camp course in preparation to obtain my PMP. I was successfully able to receive my PMP within the same week of taking the course. They provided a great foundation/bridge for me to know where my studying was prior to going for the exam.

4/08/2021 by Darah V

PMTI provided so many helpful resources after the bootcamp to help you prepare to take the exam. The videos, mock exams, online books and material handouts were so helpful. It kept me on track in studying for the exam after I completed the bootcamp. I passed on my first attempt. I would highly recommend the PMTI PMP Bootcamp for those wanting their PMP certification.

4/07/2021 by Hong

The PMP Boot camp helped prepare me for the PMI certification exam. The materials provided from the class and the practice exams helped me passed my test on my first try. This is a very difficult test to study for. I received above target for 2 of the 3 components. Due to the COVID-19 constraint, I took the the course via virtual. The instructor was great. He provided the study guideline to prepare for the exam after the students completed the course. The study guideline is invaluable and I passed.

4/05/2021 by Brian M

PMTI boot camp does an amazing job at preparing you for the certification exam. Strongly recommend them for seeking PMP certification.

03/29/2021 by Julie B

The PMTI Boot Camp was a great way to prep for the exam. While I can't say for sure, I do believe PMTI provides more post course support than other boot camps out there. The practice exams really prepare you for the real exam, I don't think I would have passed on my first attempt with out them. I highly recommend taking this course.

03/20/2021 by Sean T

The PMTI Bootcamp was extremely helpful and key to my passing the PMP exam! Perfect for those with little extra time on their hands, the boot camp format prepared me Monday - Thursday to take the exam that Friday. I was done and a PMP certification holder in a very short amount of time. Would recommend the PMTI Bootcamp to anyone pursuing a PMP certification.

03/18/2021 by Dorothy Z

The PMTI Bootcamp was incredibly helpful and beneficial in my quest to receive my PMP certification. PMTI does a very thorough job of covering the topics that will be on the exam. The Bootcamp combined with the stimulation exams PMTI offers greatly prepared me for the exam and I passed on my first attempt. I highly recommend the course to anyone seeking their PMP certification.

03/16/2021 by Dawn R

Bootcamp pain pays off! Great training, access to several training videos in addition to the bootcamp instruction. Plenty of great mock exam questions which were also reviewed in depth by the instructor effectively addressing student errors and oversights. Well prepared for the exam -- I am PMP certified. Thank you PMTI!.

03/12/2021 by Jill

PMTI provides plenty of study materials, not only will you receive guides and study books for the bootcamp, but you also get access to online practice tests, vocabulary terms etc. By attending the bootcamp and reviewing the study materials, you have a wealth of information to help you prepare for the PMP exam. The exam itself has situational questions, which with the proper prep strategy you can do well.

03/11/2021 by Shirley M

John was an awesome instructor and I appreciate the course materials, thank you!

03/10/2021 by Hannah S

PMTI is a great company. The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging and answered all questions outside of class quickly. Yad's videos on the LMS is a great addition to the bootcamp. The information is very organized and easily understandable. He also includes over 1000 exam and quiz questions. Yad also hosts reviews every other Friday for bootcamp participants to ask questions about simulation exam. I passed the PMP exam after their bootcamp and a few weeks of self-studying. I would 100% recommend PMTI. They go above and beyond to ensure your success.

03/03/2021 by Jeffery V

The instructor was very at making sure the information in the course was understood, the material for the course was very instructive, and i was able to pass the exam on the first try 3 days after the course. If you plan on taking the PMP Certification exam, I would recommend PTMI.

03/03/2021 by Kimberley D

I took the PMTI Bootcamp at the Fairfax, Va. location. I can't say enough great things about the course as well as the instructor, Chase. I passed the exam on my first try!! I highly recommend trying PMTI.

02/28/2021 by Sabrina C

I took the 4-day bootcamp training for PMP with PMTI, I passed my exam on my first try a month later! The instructors were very good at helping me realize what I should prioritize and hence how to prepare for the exam most efficiently given my busy schedules. I would go back to PMTI when I'm ready for the next level of certification!

02/26/2021 by Melissa B

PMTI has developed training that streamlines the certification process. It was thoughtfully developed for busy professionals who want to become certified. The support after the bootcamp was incredible to help develop study plans tailored to my needs and pass the exam. Definitely recommend the bootcamp and PMTI support team!

02/19/2021 by Anjali G

I actually started my journey beginning of last year with the PMP Bootcamp which was 4 days of excellent learning. Made the mistake of not taking the exam right away. Series of high priority projects at work kept me from taking up the exam. Finally end of 2020 got my online access back with PMTI - Highly recommend Yad's videos and all the other available resource on student portal. The support staff was very helpful in getting me back on track. The online access was all I needed - I passed the exam on 12/28/2020 in my first attempt. Thank you so much PMTI!

02/19/2021 by Jesse C

Between the boot camp and the practice tests I was well prepared for the PMP exam. Overall a good experience, passed the test above target in all three domains.

02/01/2021 by Bernard K

The PMTI Team set me up for success from the very first conversation I had with them in September 2020. Their knowledge of the exam format update in January 2021 and my timeline did not match thus, a recommendation to conduct an online boot camp class January 11-14, 2021 and exam execution immediately following. After following their guidance, on January 22, 2021, I completed the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam with a first-time pass. I would strongly recommend working with entire PMTI Team to reach your goals.

02/01/2021 by Lynsey L

5 star training. Took the PMP boot camp and was fully prepared for the test. Passed on the first attempt!

01/25/2021 by Christopher W

PMTI offers an excellent training course to set their students up for success to pass the PMP exam. They do an outstanding job of translating the PMBOK into digestible lessons and provide resources to help retain the vast amount of information required for the exam. I would highly recommend PMTI to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge on Project Management and to those that are looking to take the PMP exam in the near future.

01/25/2021 by Matthew H

The class is a great way to get you back in the mindset of a project manger. Opportunities to really ask questions get detailed answers and understanding. Support staff are responsive and the online tools and videos make gaining/regaining understanding of project management worth it.

01/22/2021 by Dan U

PMTI is a top-notch team of experts in getting you to pass the PMP exam. They were right on top of the changes in the exam for the new 2021 format. Their examples and practice questions are relevant and helpful. The instructors and the rest of the staff are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and responsive. They provide a concrete methodology for passing the exam and the bootcamp class experience is enhanced by the other folks participating, even in an online class environment. I cannot say enough about how helpful they have been in reaching my goal of earning my PMP. Highly recommend!

01/21/2021 by Naveen V

The material covered in the Bootcamp was very good. Instructor patiently answered all the questions. Student Portal was well organized. Simulation Tests were well planned. All this helped me a lot in passing my PMP exam.

01/20/2021 by Jacqueline J

PMTI's bootcamp is the best there is. Their strategy, engaging and knowledgeable instructors, and study resources not only prepare you to pass the PMP exam, they also set you up for success as a PM. The support staff are courteous and go out of their way to promptly address any questions and concerns. Since taking the course, I've referred three of my colleagues and they all agree that PMTI's PMP bootcamp is high quality.

01/18/2021 by Dhruv S

The PMTI PMP Bootcamp and corresponding materials were very helpful in successfully passing the PMP exam. The materials provided for the course are excellent, which simplifies the process to become a PMP. I highly recommend PMTI Boot Camp to prep for the PMP certification!

01/13/2021 by Kenneth A

PMTI's PMP Bootcamp helped me tremendously in preparing for, and ultimately passing the certification exam. Not only were their instructors top-notch, their learning materials were easy to follow and they allowed me to intuitively understand the concepts. Going with PMTI was a wise move for me, and I recommend them to anyone going for their PMP certification!

01/10/2021 by Matt M

I used PMTI for the PMP Bootcamp. Their approach, material, and ability to make the training fun and relatable set me up for success! Thanks, PMTI!

01/06/2021 by Danielle W

The PMTI Boot Camp class was well worth it in preparing for the PMP exam. The course material was presented in a the way that most would implement in an actual project. The tips and tricks that Yad provided help to reduce some stress and achieve a high score on the exam.

01/05/2021 by Dee C

I highly recommend PMTI to prep for the PMP exam! Yad and Dana were on point, providing relatable guidance and knowledge to pass. Having taking the virtual course at the onset of the pandemic, I was impressed with its delivery. Also to mention, I passed the exam! Thank you PMTI for offering a well though out course to prep your students for the PMP exam.

01/04/2021 by Hosniyeh N

The 4 day PMTI Boot Camp has definitely helped me prep for my PMP exam. I have passed the exam on my 2nd attempt, PMTI reviewed my initial exam and provided a study plan which helped me isolate criteria for improvement and prioritize my study time. The review sessions were also useful addition as they focused on question interpretation and exam taking strategies. Thanks PMTI for the great material and expert instructors.

01/04/2021 by Adrienne B

I am so happy that I took this 4 day course with PMTI! There is so much information to know for the PMP exam and PMTI organizes it so well and provides excellent study materials and tools. Thank you Dana for the engaging class and thank you Yad for the excellent materials. I passed the exam with "Above Target" and didn't need to read the PMBOK!

01/04/2021 by DW

A close friend recommended the PMTI Virtual Boot Camp, and it was worth every penny. I took the course on 11/30 and passed the PMP exam on 12/18. Thank you, Yad and Dana!

01/04/2021 by Mark M

I attended PMTI boot camp in November 2020 and passed my PMP exam in December 2020. PMTI provided excellent instruction, support and customer service that had me well prepared, scoring at or above target in all domains.

01/04/2021 by Ben C

Great course for PMP certification and very well thought out. I felt very prepared going in to take the exam.

12/31/2020 by Damien J

I took the bootcamp a couple of weeks ago in preparation of the PMP examination. And I can honestly say that this course was very helpful and exciting and really prepared me for the PMP examination. I highly recommend this course or any course administered by PMTI because I know it is/will be to the upmost quality of any preparation course you have taken.

PMP Training Google Reviews

pmti reviews on google
04/19/2021 by Matthew K

Highly recommended for any aspiring PMP Candidate. The quality of instruction and supporting materials provided to students validates PMTI's ability to guarantee passing the PMP exam.!

04/13/2021 by Janell G

PMTI Boot Camp is highly recommend. Jeff is an awesome instructor who was very patient and kept us engaged. This course truly prepares you to take the PMP.

04/13/2021 by Scott C

Outstanding Class.. For the first time a instructor was able to bring sense to the material and made the learning very active. The Prep book was very well written. Job Well done!!

04/13/2021 by Christopher W

I highly recommend the PMTI Boot Camp. Chase was an outstanding instructor and really help me better understand the material. I followed their recommendations and was successful at obtaining my PMP on the first try!

04/13/2021 by Steven H

Excellent program to help prepare you for the PMP exam. I passed the exam on the first try after attending the 4-day Bootcamp.

04/06/2021 by Jeff W

I passed the PMP test on the first try. The blue book was an invaluable tool for studying. MaryAnn did a great job!

03/31/2021 by Stacey P

I highly recommend the PMTI PMP boot camp course. My instructor, Chase, did an excellent job putting PMP principles to real life scenarios. This helped with memorize and applying the concepts.

03/30/2021 by Kathleen E

I took the PMTI boot camp class and between the class, my studying and experience I achieved an above target score on my first time taking the test 4 weeks after the boot camp ended. I highly recommend this company.

03/23/2021 by Julie B

The PMTI Boot Camp was a great way to prep for the exam. While I can't say for sure, I do believe PMTI provides more post course support than other boot camps out there. The practice exams really prepare you for the real exam, I don't think I would have passed on my first attempt with out them. I highly recommend taking this course.

03/23/2021 by Todd H

Great Classes, Materials, Practice Tests and Study Guides. Instructors are very knowledgeable on the topics!

03/16/2021 by Marcia C

I did the online training with PMTI and I was skeptical at first. But, as I went through the course, I realized they're just as much invested in you passing your PMP as you are. Yad, Jeff, and everyone else there give you all of the tools you need to make it happen. I'd recommend them to anyone interesting in getting their PMP.

03/09/2021 by Sean C

I would highly recommend the PMTI PMP boot camp. Their study materials and online videos break down content and deliver great insight into the thought process needed for the PMP. I successfully passed on my first exam with 2 months of rigorous studying and taking the boot camp. I would suggest this course to all my colleagues.

03/09/2021 by David C

PMTI's professional PMP Prep class really helps me. I just passed my PMP exam and earned my PMP above target. This 40 hour class taught by Jeff really helps and taught me a lot in the areas of agile and team areas. I am a long term software analyst and engineer who recently expose to the project management areas and need a lot of help on PM knowledge. Jeff did wonderful just in teaching the concepts and elaborate skills and knowledge on these areas. I also attend Yad's two online training classes after Jeff's class and also learned a lot from Yad's teaching and summarization of test taking techniques. Thank you both Jeff and Yad. You are the best PM teachers I have met and it is my great honor to be your students. I spend three and half weeks after the class to prepa re and yesterday I took the online PearsonVue test and passed it. The test was really hard but I used the concept and knowledge I learned from the PMTI prep course and passed it with great score.

03/09/2021 by Adam H

PMTI helped me pass the new PMP exam test on the first try. The material they provide and the practice exams are worth the cost alone as well as having a personalized instructor to answer questions day in and day out.

03/02/2021 by Ken S

Just passed the PMP thanks to the training material and lectures provided by PMTI!

03/02/2021 by Jeff V

The PMP boot camp is a great tool to assist you preparing for the PMP exam. i would highly recommend it. Elvis was a great instructor and went to great lengths to make sure the students understood the material. Yad has a great organization.

03/02/2021 by Kyle A

Highly recommend, gives you all the tools necessary for successfully passing the first time.

02/16/2021 by Dan U

PMTI is a great place to learn what you will need to pass the PMP exam. Their team a great job of providing the tools (materials) and techniques needed to knock out your certification on the first try. They are plugged in with the latest changes to the exam, and adapt the course appropriately to help you get across the line. The 4-day class is well organized, and structured to highlight the key information and help you remember it. They also offer a number of practice exams to help you sharpen your skills before test time. Plus, they make themselves available for additional questions once the class is over. All of these things helped me immensely, and I was able to pass on my first try. Thanks, PMTI!

02/09/2021 by Matt O

My Instructor, Jeff G, was great, very relatable, and willing to share his time and expertise. Be prepared to study a lot, it's a tough exam. Bootcamp and the tools they provide prepares you well for the exam.

01/26/2021 by Ian T

Yad and Dana both have an amazing passion to help students accomplish the worthwhile goal of PMP Certification.

01/26/2021 by Lauren J

I highly recommend the PMP Boot Camp course. The 4 day class laid the foundation I needed to pass my exam and the online resources really helped my studying efforts.

01/26/2021 by Miguel A

The 4 day PMTI's PMP Boot Camp class is a great course. I will recommended to anybody trying to acquire the PMP Certification. As part of the 4 day course they also provided assistance before and after to help you achieve your goals.

01/12/2021 by Danielle W

The PMTI Boot Camp class was well worth it in preparing for the PMP exam. The course material was presented in a the way that most would implement in an actual project. The tips and tricks that Yad provided help to reduce some stress and achieve a high score on the exam.

01/12/2021 by Joe S

The PMP Bootcamp was essential in me passing the PMP exam. I could not recommend this program enough to someone thinking of or preparing for the PMP.

01/12/2021 by Melvin T

The PMP course was excellent, and the practice tests were similar, and in some cases harder, than the actual exam. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing their PMP!

01/12/2021 by Jana J

If you want to become PMP certified, this is your bootcamp provider!

01/12/2021 by Eric P

The PMTI Boot Camp and course booklets are very well prepared so you can understand the PMP process. Their exams have a test and learning mode, the learning mode is very helpful in understanding how the questions are structured and preparing you for the exam.

01/05/2021 by Abebech T

PMTI great instructors and excellent course materials, including videos and questions bank, enabled me to pass my exam on December 30, 2020. I even found some identical questions in my exam.

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