The Benefits of CAPM Certification

The Career Boost

Having a CAPM designation allows you to be ahead in the workforce by validating your knowledge and experience in working with projects in a professional setting. At the same moment, it allows your confidence to soar as you become comfortable and knowledgeable in each aspect of the project phases (Initiate, Planning, Execution, Control, Close). The project management job market is becoming increasingly competitive and to stand strong, it demands you to show credibility of higher education through this certification.

Certification Worthiness

Although the price to challenge the CAPM exam costs US$225 (non-member US$300) as of 2017, once you complete the test with a pass, you’ll be on your way to handling larger projects and entrusted with more responsibilities. Keeping your knowledge sharp is the name of the game, so you do need to retake the exam every five years which consist of 150 multiple choice questions, completed in 3 hours. The upfront time and small cost investment is required, however this provides endless benefits to your own self-growth and to colleagues at your place of work.

Demand for CAPMs

As our societies on a globally scale become more and more technologically advanced and our economy complexities increase, project counts continue to rise. This results in an estimation of 1.57 million new jobs to be created in just one year, each year. Companies understand the importance of a successful project and the detriments when a project fails. The success factor places pressure on employers to find the most certified practitioners in the market to assist with their projects. You can be certain that a CAPM certified candidate will be more employable than those not yet certified.

When to Start the CAPM Process

There has never been a better time to apply for your CAPM certification than now. Many employers are looking at your qualifications in addition to your core experience. Whether you have attained previous project experience or not, this certification allows employers to be certain that you have the knowledge and know-how. The Project Management Institute (PMI) that upholds the CAPM certification, provides a Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®) that will raise your understanding of terminology, guidelines, tools & techniques and much more! Be a part of the growing number of certified CAPMs now.

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