New Hire and Job Outlook for Seattle, Washington

So, you’re looking for a new job and a new home in Seattle, Washington. Where do you start?

You may be wondering, “Is Seattle a good place to live” or “How to find good jobs in Seattle”. Let us guide you through the job outlook, as well as a few reasons you may want to live here!

Seattle, Washington, was named the No. 1 best city for jobs by the personal finance site WalletHub in an article in Forbes magazine. WalletHub uses more than 30 metrics in their rating, including quality of health, school systems, taxes, economic growth and livability.

If you take a closer look at Seattle, it’s easy to see why the city is generating so much interest from discerning and informed job hunters.

Let’s start with one area that often scares away potential job seekers to the city – the weather. Rather than constant rain, Seattle offers a surprisingly pleasant climate. Winter and fall are rainy, but spring and summer have significantly less inclement weather. In fact, the average rainfall in Seattle is lower than cities like Philadelphia, Boston, Miami and New York City. Rarely does the city get warmer than 80, or cooler than 40.

Need more proof? Let’s dive into the details and look at why Seattle should be at the top of your list for a new job.

The Job Outlook in Seattle

New Hire and Job Outlook for Seattle, Washington

According to a recent article in the Seattle Times, businesses have been consistently hiring in Seattle. As the economy continues to rebound, fewer professionals are looking for work. Companies in the city have been scrambling to hire talent and skilled workers.

The article notes that while demand has been high for skilled workers with a degree, there has been steady demand for workers across the job market. With very low unemployment and high demand in the tech market, job skills focused on technology are highly sought after. Computer and mathematics jobs are also going unfilled due to the demand.

The growth of companies in the area like Zillow, Amazon and Microsoft are helping fuel the hot job market. Other industries looking for new employees in Seattle include biotech, health care, and maritime industries like shipping and fishing. With aviation companies like Boeing in the city, manufacturing is another area continually hiring.

The Salary Outlook in Seattle

According to U.S. News & World Report, the average annual salary in Seattle, Washington is $61,170. That’s more than $10,000 more than the U.S. Average.

A number of high-paying jobs in the tech and software industries, including programmers, software developers, information systems managers, mathematics and engineering are helping to push the median salary higher in the city.

According to Zippia, the Career Expert company, these are in addition to the jobs in healthcare, business and the sciences that typically round out the highest salaries in a city or region.

Job Satisfaction in Seattle

Lucky for job seekers looking at Seattle, there are numerous top companies hiring in the city.

According to the latest review of the best places to work in Washington, a survey conducted by Seattle Business Magazine, four of the top 10 large companies (150 or more employees) in the state of Washington are in Seattle. Three more of those companies are in Bellevue and just outside of Seattle.

New Hire and Job Outlook for Seattle, Washington

Don’t focus on just large companies when looking at Seattle. Eight out of the top 10 small companies (15 to 59 employees) are also in the city.

The list of companies that call Seattle home is impressive. For example, software companies and best places to work contenders like Level 11, Outreach, a sales engagement software company, and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence call Seattle home. The marketing firm Versium, and publicity and marketing firm PRR Inc. are also based in Seattle and make the list of top 100 best places to work in Washington.

These are in addition to industry-leading companies like Zillow, the real estate marketplace company, and Amazon. Microsoft is less than 15 miles away from Seattle, based in Redmond, Washington.

Seattle has become a destination for companies that value their employees and a positive workplace.

Why Seattle for New Hires and Job Seekers

While jobs and salary are important, it’s not the only reason to choose Seattle.

As explained in a review by U.S. News & World Report, the social scene in Seattle is decidedly chill and relaxed, influenced by the gorgeous mountains, forests and seascape vistas surrounding the city.

Coffee shops nurture stimulating intellectual and philosophical discussions between friends and colleagues. After all, the first Starbucks opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971, and ever since then the city has become famous for its coffee.

The Seattle coffee scene is much deeper and richer than Starbucks. Make sure to check out other fantastic coffee sites such as Dubsea Coffee, a neighborhood gathering place that features local artists. Make sure you also check out the gorgeous and friendly Elm Coffee Roasters.

Let’s take a closer look at the other sights, sounds and tastes of Seattle.

What to Do in Seattle

Rather than a wild club and party scene in Seattle, the city is known for upscale and unique bars and restaurants. There’s a vibrant social atmosphere fueled by the young professionals coming to the city for good paying jobs. Keep in mind, we’re taking only a brief look at what the city has to offer. There’s something in Seattle for almost everyone.

New Hire and Job Outlook for Seattle, Washington

Sports in Seattle

Seattle is certainly not lacking for the sports fan.

For the football fan, the Seattle Seahawks have been a contender in recent years and can be seen at CenturyLink Field. Crowds and fans are passionate about Seahawk football.

Sports in Seattle don’t stop with the Seahawks. The Seattle Mariners play baseball at Safeco Field and the Seattle Sounders soccer team shares CenturyLink Field with the Seahawks.

Never fear, basketball fans. The Seattle Supersonics (okay, Sonics) play in the city.

There are plenty of other sports to check out in the city, including the Seattle Storm women’s basketball team, the Rat City Rollergirls for the roller derby fan, and the Seattle Thunderbirds junior hockey team.

Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle is known for the fantastic fresh seafood. Make sure to check out the fresh fish in Seattle, but there are restaurants in the city for every palate.

Shiro’s in downtown Seattle is famous for sushi and Japanese seafood. Make sure to take the time to try the premium sashimi.

For the slightly less adventurous, check out Altura Restaurant for upscale Italian dining. Many guests describe the food as plates of art.

Seattle is known for more than it’s upscale (and expensive) eateries. There are plenty of lower-priced options, as well as new restaurants keeping the scene fresh. Make sure to stop by El Grito for a fresh look at food from south of the border. Stop in for the tacos or enchiladas and stay for the fabulous margaritas.

Le Messe offers Italian food with a distinctively Northwest flair, including ingredients like crab and rabbit.

Attractions in Seattle

Seattle doesn’t lack for things to do on the weekend or, really, any day of the week.
Stop by the Washington Park Arboretum, a park on the shores of Lake Washington and jointly managed by the University of Washington and the city of Seattle. For the arts, check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass center located next to the Space Needle at Seattle Center.

Take in the beauty of the city from the water taxi in West Seattle. Many insist it is the best way to enjoy the Seattle skyline. Stop by the gorgeous Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, then stay until the evening for a ghost tour and discover the history of the area.

Make sure to check out some of the famous bars in the city. The Nest rooftop bar gives a fabulous view of the city, Elliot Bay and the Olympic Mountain Range. Another can’t-miss location in Seattle is the cocktail bar, Canon. With 3,500 bottles to choose from, Canon is a perennial contender for Best Cocktail Bar in America.

Outdoor Life in Seattle

Seattle is famous for what it offers the outdoor enthusiast.

Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center is an excellent way to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors near Seattle, and along the way learn about your new home. Take the ferry from Seattle and head to Vashon Island for beaches, relaxing water activities, and the local art scene.

Make sure to check out the famous Alki Beach in Seattle to fly a kite or just enjoy the gorgeous waterfront view. Golden Gardens Park, on the Seattle Sound, is also popular with the outdoor-types. It’s a large park and the perfect place for a picnic, with plenty of fire pits and places to sit.

For less adventurous outdoor activities, Seattle is also known for a vibrant wine scene. Check out some of the local wineries include Chateau Ste Michelle or Northstar Winery for a fantastic merlot.

Getting Started with a New Career in Seattle

New Hire and Job Outlook for Seattle, Washington

Are you ready to take the plunge and make a move to Seattle?

For more information on the city and resources for professionals moving to the area, check out the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

Seattle also offers plenty of resources for new hires looking to get a leg up in their new city. Make sure to check out the instructor-led Project Management Professional class offered by Project Management Training Institute (PMTI). There’s no better way to get prepared for the certification test.

Is Seattle a good place to live? Absolutely!

So what are you waiting for? Seattle is ready for you.

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