Project management is a lucrative career option, ever-evolving to suit the requirement of global industries. With changing work cultures, technology, and organizational approach, well-qualified project managers with Project Management Professional Certification remain one of the most sought-after resources.

A PMI survey that studied project managers within 11 countries concluded project management-oriented jobs in seven project-oriented sectors are expected to grow by 33 percent through2027. It’s expected that global organizations will need nearly 88 million employees in project management-oriented roles in the next six years.

Project management skills earned through certification training are valuable for your career and prove to be essential life skills that mold you to become a better person. With the right level of experience, skillset, knowledge, and emotional intelligence, you can be a successful and professional project manager who applies expertise in the right situations. Suppose you are aiming to grow in your career as a project manager. In that case, it’s highly recommended to get a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) from a reputed institution like Project Management Training Institute (PMTI). We are a premiere PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) but more on that later!

Advantages of Getting PMP Certified From PMTI

Highlighted Resume

Taking an online Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification makes your resume stand out. Though many professional certifications are available for project management, this one is the most esteemed and globally recognized. It equips PMP-certified professionals with varied skillsets and helps them become competent workers with high emotional intelligence, all thanks to the arduous training. These skills on the resume provide the organizations with the credibility and the assurance they are looking for.

PMP Certification training from PMTI is even more valuable because PMTI is one of the Premier Authorized Training Providers (ATP) recognized by PMI. ATPs training is highly coveted as PMTI instructors are also PMP certified and adhere to PMI’s standards.

90% of institutions and organizations see project management certifications as the key to ensure quality performance. This global recognition is why many companies have switched over to employing certified project managers over non-certified ones. If you are a new project manager, PMTI’s PMP Certification training will make up for the lack of experience by providing the required contact hours of training to meet PMP certification requirements.

 Global Industrial Recognition

 Project Management Professional Certification is recognized across all domains and industries. Since it doesn’t focus on a particular region or niche, your opportunities are widespread worldwide. So, if you are looking for a boost in your career curve, obtaining a PMP certification is the right step for you. Enterprises consider a PMP-certified professional as an all-rounder and a thought leader. Getting a certification from a premier ATP like PMTI has its benefits as you can meet the global industry expectations with the training provided.

Improved Skillset

 The process of acquiring a certification teaches you a lot of career-oriented skills. A project manager faces a lot of hurdles in the walk of their career. A certification equips them to face the challenges quickly and create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved in a project.

A few primary skills that are focused on your online PMP Certification training and in-person boot camps include:

  1. Team Management
  2. Time Management
  3. Risk Management
  4. Budget Management
  5. Decision Making
  6. Communication
  7. Conflict Management

These are just a few of the many skills you will hone while preparing for your PMP exam with PMTI. Our PMP-certified instructors have over two decades of successful project management experience. They have guided over 80,000 potential project managers to clear their certification with flying colors.

Higher Income

 In a 2021 PMI survey, taking the earnings of project managers from 42 countries, 82% of the survey respondents with PMP certification reported 22% higher salaries than those without a certification. 72% of the certified professionals reported that their total compensation increased over the next 12 months after completing the PMP Certification training and taking up the exam.

A certified project manager is highly skilled and successful in their career. Since many organizations have realized this, they have retained them with higher income than their counterparts.

Up-to-Date Knowledge Gain

PMP teaches you modern tools, techniques, processes, and methodologies required for a project manager to scale in your work field. It helps you stay updated with emerging project management trends. With up-to-date professional abilities, credentials, and knowledge, a PMP-certified project manager earns the trust and respect of their peer group and team members. This credibility improves the work culture in the organization. Suppose you are a working professional with stringent timelines. In that case, you can also take up PMP Certification online to suit your schedule, as the online classes are also conducted live by the PMP stalwarts of PMTI.


 To make it simple, we have been doing this for seventeen years!

Our time-tested PMP boot camp format is crafted and updated to satisfy all your PMP exam preparation needs in 2021. PMTI’s classes are student-focused and highly interactive. We teach PMI authorized content in slides, books, videos, and activities provided to students.

Here are the reasons why PMTI’s in-person PMP boot camps and online PMP Certification training is far ahead of its competitors in the domain:

PMTI’s Proprietary PMP Application Preparation Tool

  • Simplifies the whole approach to PMP Application
  • Includes a step-by-step video guide to fill up the actual PMP application easily.
  • Provides intelligent and intuitive prompts to add value to your application.

Our PMP Certification Training Course Materials

 A roadmap from cradle to certification (“no idea of PMP” to “getting and maintaining the certification”)

  • A 10 hours video course of the Bridge content between the old exam and new PMP exam pattern in 2021
  • A complete video course of the PMBOK Guide 6th edition course content upon which the exam is based. This helps you earn 40 contact hours of project management training to satisfy PMI’s PMP eligibility criteria.
  • Electronic versions of course material – blue book, orange book, and gray book
  • Free 53 PDU’s to extend your PMP certification for up to 6 years

 PMTI’s PMP Exam Simulator

Our students indicate that our PMP simulator questions are very similar to the real PMP exam and are about 10-15% more difficult.

PMTI’s PMP simulator includes the following:

  • About 2000 questions in various combinations of domains, tasks, and areas of weakness.
  • Eight exams are conducted during the class (called mastery builder tests).
  • There are four simulation tests with 180 questions each.
  • Additional 800 questions are presented in various forms – 50 question tests, 180 question full-form tests, etc.
  • Questions include different formats like Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Hotspots, and Fill-in-the-blanks.
  • A comprehensive performance report is provided after each test with the option to revisit the corresponding specific course materials for better focus. states, “The biggest challenges to adopting agile techniques to an organization are the resistance to change (48%), lack of leadership participation (46%), and inconsistent practices across teams (45%)”.

PMP certified professionals quickly adapt to change, are familiar with agile methodology and applications, have strong leadership skills, and follow consistent practices across cross-functional teams. Simply put, they can take the flag to the finish line. Hence organizations believe that the success rate of a project is high when a PMP certified professional leads the team, and rightly so!

PMP Certification training from a trusted institute like PMTI demonstrates that you are a qualified project manager ready to manage projects with ease and poise.

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