Workplace Trends in Atlanta for this 2018

Are you currently looking for work?

Are you employed but hoping to make a major career change sometime soon?

Whichever description applies, it’s important that you understand how workplaces are changing throughout Atlanta. The quicker you are able to adapt to the workplace trends in Atlanta that are just around the corner, the easier it will be for you to land your dream job.

7 Workplace Trends in Atlanta That You Need to Know About

Depending on the industry you’re in, there could be a number of different workplace trends in Atlanta that are on the horizon.

However, if you plan on working in an office, rest assured that the following seven examples are already becoming commonplace throughout the city.

Workplace Trends in Atlanta for this 2018

1. Employees Are Moving into Co-working Spaces

Coworking spaces are popping up all over Atlanta.

While each one is a bit different, these spaces are perfect for remote workers who need a professional environment to fulfill their responsibilities. From designers to project managers in Atlanta, these employees no longer need to make long commutes – or even relocate – in order to provide value to their employers.

Atlanta’s Post Office is just one of many examples of these convenient spaces, but you can expect to see many more in the future. In fact, whole startups are opting for co-working spaces over traditional offices.

2. Flexible Work Hours Are Replacing Traditional Hours of Operation

Another of the workplace trends in Atlanta that is empowering employees has to do with when they work.

More and more, companies are discovering that the traditional 9-to-5 schedule just isn’t as effective as it once seemed. It’s not just that employees would prefer more control over when they come and go. It’s that businesses are actually better off with flexible schedules.

One of the main benefits to employers is that they don’t miss out on prospective workers who have plenty to offer but also want to pursue a graduate degree or some other goal. If they have to choose between their passion and a one-size-fits-all-schedule, it’s generally an easy decision.

This type of setup is similar to the Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE) that has proven effective for many companies.

The big difference is that flexible work schedules don’t necessarily change based on the employee’s daily performance, making it much easier to manage an entire team of workers.

3. Inexpensive Perks Are Becoming a Competitive Advantage

Everyone knows it’s a good idea for companies to show appreciation for their employees every now and then.

However, another of the workplace trends in Atlanta that has taken root is the idea that companies need to offer perks – albeit inexpensive ones – in order to attract and then keep top talent in the first keep.

This trend will only pick up more momentum if the unemployment rate continues to drop. Companies are going to become more and more desperate to win over the employees that they need most.

Aside from simply paying more – an option that faces an obvious limitation – companies are offering attractive perks that simply come with the job.

Workplace Trends in Atlanta for this 2018

Some examples of these include:

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Profit Sharing
  • Gym Membership
  • Extended Holiday Vacation Time
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave Above the Required Amount
  • Free Drinks and Snacks
  • Ping Pong, Pool, and Other Entertainment Options
  • Offsite Events

Again, if competition continues to heat up, you can expect this list to grow a lot longer. Companies that can’t offer potential employees at least a few of the perks from this list will quickly begin struggling to win them over. They may even find their current employees jumping ship for companies that understand these and other workplace trends in Atlanta.

4. “Gig Work” Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Of course, many employees are simply deciding that the entire idea of working for someone else – in the traditional sense – doesn’t align with their personal goals.

Hence, the onset of the “gig economy.”

In short, this term refers to the large number of people who are opting for self-employment. They may do work for other companies, but they act as independent contractors. For many of them, this means working from home during the hours they choose.

Although that may be reason enough to embrace this movement – in many ways, it’s a combination of the last three workplace trends in Atlanta – some workers even make more money by choosing this approach.

That said, the gig economy is not for everyone. It takes a large degree of discipline and mastery of at least one sought-after skill in order to make a full-time living from being self-employed.

That’s why this trend is having a ripple effect throughout Atlanta. If the most talented individuals can choose to simply go into business for themselves, employers really need to roll out the red carpet if they’re going to convince these workers to join their company.

The three trends we just covered will have to be the very least they offer to interest this desirable share of the workforce.

5. Companies Are Focusing on Employee Development

The economy is so good for workers right now that almost 60% of employers in the U.S. struggle with filling job openings that go unfilled for at least 12 weeks.

If that’s not bad enough, HR managers report that, on average, these openings cost their companies $800,000 a year.

We’ve already covered some of the solutions companies are considering. Given the massive financial burden they face by leaving job openings vacant, it makes sense that businesses might spring for extra vacation time or free snacks.

Many organizations in Atlanta have also realized that it’s best to simply attack the problem proactively. Instead of waiting for the perfect candidate to show up, they’re developing them from within.

This means attacking the skills gap and/or identifying employees who show promise and focusing on developing them until they’re ready to take on more responsibility.

Either way, this is another trend that has the potential to become a huge boon for employees all across Atlanta. Their employers will literally be investing in giving them better resumes – resumes these employees can use to attract other employers or demand higher pay.

A growing number of workers are prioritizing the opportunity to learn new skills when considering employers. So, once again, companies have to adopt this trend if they want to have their choice of the talent pool.

6. This Includes Helping with Financial and Mental Wellness

Traditionally, a company’s contribution to their employees’ financial wellness stopped at the paychecks they provided. Often, it might involve a retirement plan.

However, that’s changing as employers have begun to realize that their employees are less productive when they’re less financially secure.

This is not a minor problem, either.

Nearly 80% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Part of the issue can probably be blamed on the workforce’s combined $1.4 trillion in student loan debt.

According to Northwestern Mutual, more than 25% of Millennials report that financial stress has made them physically ill and even caused depression. Not surprisingly, these symptoms hurt their performances at work, as well.

50% of all workers report financial concerns, which they say has caused them to lose six work days a year on average.

Fortunately, it turns out there’s a cost-effective solution to the problem: financial wellness programs. One of the most inspiring workplace trends in Atlanta is that many companies are setting aside time throughout the year to help their workers better understand how to manage their money and live within their means.

A number of companies in Atlanta are even considering the same approach to mental health.

7. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Of all the workplace trends in Atlanta on the list, this one may be the hardest to believe, but it’s true: artificial intelligence isn’t on its way. It’s here.

No, we haven’t reached the realms of science fiction quite yet, but artificial intelligence is changing how the workplace functions.

Automation has already had a big impact, but artificial intelligence promises a much more radical shift.

Interestingly, while many have worried that these machines will take the jobs of large amounts of people, most workers think AI will be beneficial to their workplaces. When the Workforce Institute at Kronos surveyed almost 3,000 employees located across 8 different countries, 80% of them said that they thought AI represented a significant opportunity to create a more empowering, engaging workplace experience.

Among other things, this includes the potential for artificial intelligence to ensure that their workplaces are easier and fairer.

The acceptance of AI is also greater among younger generations, so this trend is only going to continue as the years go on and Baby Boomers leave the workforce.

Workplaces Atlanta Will Never Be the Same

Workplace Trends in Atlanta for this 2018

As these seven workplace trends in Atlanta have shown, the way companies in operate is changing – and quickly.

While much of this is good news for employees, it also means you need to adapt. If you’re hoping for a career change in the near future, you’ll need to understand that these trends will soon become standards and adjust your expectations accordingly.

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