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The Everyday PM Podcast | Episode 21 "Yad Senapathy, Founder and CEO of PMTI"

Are you still hesitant about taking that leap to attend a boot camp in preparation of obtaining a certification in Project Management? Doing so will certainly enhance your skillset and career in more ways than one and PMTI is here to help you embark on your journey. In a recent interview with Ann Campea of The Everyday PM Podcast, our Founder and CEO Yad Senapathy discusses how he's committed to his mission of helping you have the most successful journey of obtaining your certification and becoming the best project manager. The discussion may also include answers to many lingering questions to build your confidence in getting started today! Listen to the episode here:



The Evolution Of The Project Management Professional Certification Exam

Yad Senapathy, MS, PMP - PMP Jedi Master, CEO of Project Management Training Institute writes “The Project Management Professional (known as PMP, which has been registered) certification exam, though not mandatory, is a crucial tool for prospective project managers to test and showcase their ability to perform their duties as a project manager. Administered by the Project Management Institute (known as PMI, which has been registered), it often affects the ability to secure a career in the field thanks to the merit the certification holds.”



10 Project Management Hacks That Will Help New Project Managers Find Success

If you're serious about taking your project management career to the next level, read this article that outlines the ten pro tips to help manage the projects.

“Even for those with years of experience, being a project manager is no easy task. Project managers need to have an incredible amount of on-the-job experience and knowledge, from developing leadership skills and learning to be an effective communicator to goal setting and execution.”



How to Leverage Empathy to Improve Customer Retention

Project Management Training Institute contributed to a topic very dear to project managers.

“One of the most effective ways to improve customer retention — and thus improve your business — is by being empathetic and asking your customers what they truly think of their experience with your company. When you understand their likes, dislikes, concerns, and comments, you better position your business to deliver a more refined product or service designed to solve their needs.”



Expert Tips on Performing Effective Project Management in Government

Government agencies impliment large multi billion projects. Strong project management helps to ensure that these programs are cost-efficient and beneficial for taxpayers. This article outlines role of project management in government programs, examples of successful implimentation of large projects, pro tips on overcoming the challenges within government to achieve success.



Expert Tips on Using Agile in Government Projects

Agile project management methodology has greater adaptability. More government organizations are embracing the Agile methodology in developing their information technology software programs. In this article you will find the information about how to scale the Agile framework in government projects, a checklist on how to implement agile methodologies, some case studies showing success of Agile projects, and some challenges of using Agile practices and how to overcome those in government projects.



Agile vs Scrum: Differences & Similarities

Information technology projects have different challenges than traditional projects, say for example construction projects. Those challenges include changes in scope of the project. To address these challenges, Project Management Institute (PMI) has made several changes to the traditional project management practices and came up with Agile project management methodologies and Hybrid methodologies. Agile practices are of wide variety, to name some - Scrum, Kanban, XP, Crystal and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM). People often use Agile and Scrum interchangeably. This article outlines the differences between Agile and Scrum and addresses the other Agile methodologies.



Five Ways to Stand Out In Today’s Unprecedented Job Market

COVID-19 has impacted the personal and professional lives of many people. It also has affected the employment status for many in a negative way. This article outlines five ways to stand out among the job seekers and market yourself.


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