Yada, the PMP Jedi Master

Yada, the PMP Jedi Master

About Yada, the PMP Jedi Master

Yada is not just the leader of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI). He helped to write significant portions of the project management standards worldwide. He shares his wisdom with readers via the PMTI blog.

CAPM vs PMP, Who Wins?

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As a project manager, you may be looking to take the next step in your career: certification. Certification is a step toward more job opportunities, higher earning potential, bigger networks, and more challenging projects. When it comes time to decide which certification is best for you at this time in your career, many people are unsure [...]

What does the Project Management professional PMP® Certification Exam Constitute and Why is it Challenging?

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The PMP or Project Management Professional is essentially a globally recognized professional designation that is provided by the PMI or Project Management Institute.  In other words, it may be considered as the gold standard industry recognized certification that is exclusively designed for project managers worldwide. As opposed to the other types of certifications that are typically [...]

What is CAPM?

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The CAPM certification is an excellent entry point to project management for anyone who doesn't have the experience or education for the PMP certification.

PMBOK Guide and Other PMI Standards

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The PMBOK Guide is the Project Management Body of Knowledge. It's the accumulated and accepted best practices in PM. Here are the details.

Project Management – What is Project Management?

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Project Management Institute (PMI) defines a “project” as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique result” in the PMBOK® Guide.

7 Workplace Trends in Atlanta for this 2019

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Are you currently looking for work? Are you employed but hoping to make a major career change sometime soon? Whichever description applies, it’s important that you understand how workplaces are changing throughout Atlanta. The quicker you are able to adapt to the workplace trends in Atlanta that are just around the corner, the easier it will [...]

Do I need my PMP credentials?

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Should I get PMP Certified?


Why? PMI estimates that there are about 16.5 million project managers* in the world. Of those, only 833,025 PMP Certified individuals*.

Famous Project Managers – What we can learn

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Before anyone invented the name “project manager”, in fact, before anyone had invented the English language, there were people in the role of project manager who oversaw projects we can now see as legendary. Looking back in time can be difficult. Some of these project managers were recent, but the earliest dates back over 4,000 years. [...]

Slowing down to learn the PMP exam

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Slowing down to study the PMP exam is the best way to learn more and pass the exam. Take your time and have a great plan.

Failed the PMP Exam? – What to do now

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Failing the PMP exam is frustrating, but there are lots of reasons to take it again. Need some encouragement? Here it is.