Ensuring each project phase’s success to get to the final accomplishment of the project is one of the skills that project management professionals require. When dealing with multiple cross-functional teams to achieve project milestones, a project manager may get flustered, primarily if the tasks are undertaken manually. This is where project management software may come to the rescue. 

Project management involves a lot of responsibilities on the project manager that involve: 

  • Planning workflow
  • Selecting the right staff to form the perfect team
  • Scheduling number of meetings
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Ensuring budget 
  • Delegating responsibilities 
  • Continually communicating with the team
  • Documenting every aspect of the project 
  • Taking on the reins of the project and driving it until completion

In short, there is a lot on a project manager’s (PMs) plate.

When you are handling multiple projects and managing several scattered resources, things might get arduous and messier. Making use of dedicated project management software could handle a lot for you. 

What is project management software? 

Project management software is a cloud-based multi-user platform to help project managers, team members, and stakeholders collaborate right from scratch.  

A project management software aids you in:  

  • Project Planning: Best project management software will help you plan and schedule, ensuring transparency between the users. It helps you and your teams stay on track. It is a boon to large projects that take a large span of 2 to10 years to complete.
  • Resource Distribution: A project management application contains the necessary tools to plan and manage funds and allot resources. It also enables you to assign tasks to your team members and get notified on completion. In short, you can ensure that the correct number of people are placed with the right amount of tools at the right place and time.
  • Becoming Open to Changes: As a project manager, you know that change is constant in every walk of the project. You can easily manage resource changes or changes in project specifications without any hurdles.
  • Advanced Reporting: Reporting tools can aid in identifying the critical employees associated with your project. Team members could use the reporting tool to track the time spent on work effectively and accurately. You can view the time and effort spent by a particular resource to complete the particular task. You can use the software to collate the project data, analyze it, and convent them into graphs and charts and use the decision-making results.

Time and Money Management

A wise man said that “time is money.” Time and money management are crucial for any project. All tasks should have an estimate and be mapped with the proper resource scheduling. 

Resourceful and chosen best project management software can help you make the right choice with an in-depth understanding of time and money management.

How to choose the right project management software?


Establish your Requirements

As a project management professional, you need to identify the problems you face right now and ask yourself why you require the software. Chart out your current and future needs and jot down the features that you will require. Who and how many will use the tool, and how will they get to benefit from it?

The requirements for small and large teams are strikingly different. In the case of small teams, a simple solution will suffice and in the case of big teams, then go for an ERP. Large organizations have bigger team strength and larger projects in hand so that they can go for project management apps for scheduling, resourcing, budget-tracking, revenue projection, billing, and many more features.

For a large company, it’s crucial to be able to manage not just individuals but also teams.

With the clarity of requirements in place, look for the providers that cater to it. Make a robust list of software providers to choose from.

List the Project Management Software Solutions that Suit Your Requirement

There is no tailor-made project management software as different domains have different requirements. Hence, it is better to choose the ones that go with your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all application. 

Appraise the Tools you’ve Shortlisted 

Look for how the selected apps will help you achieve your goal. Install the shortlisted apps as most of them offer a trial version. You can try them out to see how well they match your requirements. 

Here are few things to look for while taking a run through your shortlisted application:

  • Does the vendor offer after-sales support?
  • Is the software user friendly?
  • Do they offer Training services?
  • Is the software pocket friendly?

Once you shortlist the software provider who meets the above requirements, it doesn’t end there. There is more to check before you seal the deal. Here are a few check-points. 


A project management software is not only for the manager but also for the team. Chart out a plan to implement how your teams will use the selected software with training sessions. Make sure to implement the software by merging the old documentation into the latest software. 

Cross-platform Friendly

This is the era of smart-phones. Do note that the best project management software is not only cross-platform compatible but also mobile-friendly. Smart-phones responsive software is handy, and they will help you manage effectively on the go.

Comprehensive and Easy to Use

Ease of use is one of the most important factors to consider. With multiple individuals on a team with varied skill-sets, it is essential to check the applications’ features for comprehensive detailing and user-friendliness. 

Check out the best available project management software’s curated for you. 

We have carefully derived a list of some of the best project management software available for project management professionals in 2021. 

Clicking on the below software will take you to their pricing page and the features they offer.

A well-defined, organized system along with the right tools in place can take you a long way in successful project completion. It saves your time and resources and can be used for future references and restart your project after a long gap without any hiccups. 

Organize your projects effectively and meet the success for each one of them!

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