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2019 Top 6 PMP Training Centers in Sacramento, CA

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PMP Certification has increasingly become the golden standard for project managers, and it’s currently the most globally recognized certification in the vast field of project management. PMP certification is provided by the Project Management Institute - a body tasked to maintain and ensure standards among project managers. For project managers, PMP certification comes with numerous benefits [...]

Overcoming Techno-Fear in Project Management

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The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude about it. Anyone who has ever seen a movie based on a Stephen King story knows techno-fear. From killer trucks in "Maximum Overdrive" to killer cell phones in "Cell," King embodies what techno-fear is all about. Simply put, it’s the fear of technology. That fear is [...]

PMP® Certification for IT Professionals

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Go onto Indeed on any day and type in “PMP IT Managers.” There are always over 1,000 results. The phrase used in the listings most often is, PMP Certification a plus! Why PMP in IT Management? IT (information technology) managers represent among the fastest growing sectors of management in the world. Not only are more positions [...]

What does the Project Management professional (PMP®) Certification Exam Constitute and Why is it Challenging?

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The PMP or Project Management Professional is essentially a globally recognized professional designation that is provided by the PMI or Project Management Institute.  In other words, it may be considered as the gold standard industry recognized certification that is exclusively designed for project managers worldwide. As opposed to the other types of certifications that are typically [...]

How to Manage/Work on Multiple Projects at Work

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Seeing a project through from start to finish is incredibly demanding. Proper planning takes an obsessive attention to detail as well as an almost preternatural ability to predict roadblocks along the way. Implementation requires superhero leadership and team management skills. And once the project is finally underway, you still have to watch it every step of [...]

6 of the Most Common Project Management Interview Questions and Answers

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Job interviews can be scary. Even the most seasoned professionals can blow job opportunities if they don’t prepare. So, where do you start? You may have already researched the company online or reached out to your network for advice. These are two great methods of learning about the company culture and expectations in your potential role. [...]

8 Principles of Project Management

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Project management is a complex and yet essential practice in the business world. Consider a scenario where you want to impress your boss with a new initiative that you believe will increase business or reduce operational costs. You can’t just execute your idea without a plan. You’ll likely fail at your mission, and it may even [...]

Project Risk Management Process, Tools & Templates

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The role of a project manager can be a difficult one. Ensuring your project is meeting crucial benchmarks, keeping resource expenditures under budget, and juggling personnel difficulties is all part of the job. But when it comes to project management, few skills are as important as risk management. In order to be successful in your position, [...]

What Is a Project Management Plan?

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Project Management isn’t just about keeping a project on track and effectively dealing with hiccups and hurdles along the way. As any Certified Project Manager knows, it also involves an enormous amount of planning before any immediate work on the project actually begins. Determining project scope, identifying stakeholders, aligning procedures with overarching company goals, and a [...]

13 Project Selection Methods

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Becoming an effective project manager takes a variety of skills. It requires strong leadership, superior communication abilities, meticulous planning, and a number of other essential characteristics as well. But there’s one skill that doesn’t get enough emphasis in the world of project management – strategic and effectual Project Selection. In fact, a recent Six Sigma-focused study [...]