PMTI hopes you are safe and well during these unusual and difficult times. Over the past weeks, PMTI has focused on helping our students succeed in the downtime created by COVID-19.

Additional Online Classes (Guaranteed-to-Run)

PMTI is offering more online classes than normal to help you adjust to you new work environment and schedule. We are offering:

  • Multiple Time Zones - Expanded classes in Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones.
  • Evening Classes - Take PMTI’s 4 hour/day course over 8 days.


You can learn at you own pace from the comfort of your home while enjoying the same high-quality training as PMTI’s live in-person classes. Watch videos of recorded classes and assess your knowledge with mock PMP tests. Receive benefits such as PMP application help, video recorded sessions, readiness tests, targeted question bank, free tutoring & tips to pass on your 1st try.

Extended Access to Learning Platform

Any student, past or current, is welcome to continue learning through PMTI’s platform, which provides instruction and exercises to fully prepare you for the PMP exam.

Free Exam Review Sessions

Join our Chief Learning Officer and PMBOK Guide Contributor Yada Senapathy, PMP in reviewing salient topics and questions on the PMP exam—all for free.


Feel free to reach out to the PMTI

Customer Service Team

Our live in-person classes are on hold for the safety and convenience of students and instructors amid COVID-19, so we encourage you to take advantage of the options above to receive a successful PMP certification*.



Pearson VUE centers do not have a date at this time to announce when they will re-open for testing. However, there is some good news! PMI made an announcement that they will have Online Proctored PMP Exam testing and administration starting April 14, 2020! This implies you can take the exam from the comfort of your home! The online proctored exam conducted by Pearson VUE will include an integrated platform that is flexible and secure. Downloading a simple app to your desktop, the system includes secure self check-in and camera/microphone based live proctoring by VUE-certified proctor that allows you to complete the test without leaving your home! Most students indicate this was easier, more comfortable, and a breeze compared to the in-person exams.

Eliminating the hassles of commuting, body-pat check, all-around surveillance, this experience will be much more pleasant. All you will need are:

* Quiet, private location
* Good PC/Mac with a webcam and microphone
* Reliable, strong, uninterrupted internet connection

According to, you can take the CAPM and PMI-ACP exams on the OnVUE online proctored exam platform right away. PMTI offers both CAPM and PMI-ACP certification training online. Don’t wait!

BREAKING NEWS: Starting April 14, 2020 you will also be able to take the PMP exam from the comfort of your home. Join PMTI’s virtual live online PMP training boot camp now to take advantage of this launch!