2019 Top 6 PMP Training Centers in Sacramento, CA

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PMP Certification has increasingly become the golden standard for project managers, and it’s currently the most globally recognized certification in the vast field of project management. PMP certification is provided by the Project Management Institute - a body tasked to maintain and ensure standards among project managers. For project managers, PMP certification comes with numerous benefits [...]

Overcoming Techno-Fear in Project Management

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The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude about it. Anyone who has ever seen a movie based on a Stephen King story knows techno-fear. From killer trucks in "Maximum Overdrive" to killer cell phones in "Cell," King embodies what techno-fear is all about. Simply put, it’s the fear of technology. That fear is [...]

PMP® Certification Salary – Washington DC Tops the List of 10 Highest Paying Cities

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Becoming a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the first steps to starting a successful and rewarding career in project management. One of the reasons many people seek out PMP certification is to maximize their earning potential. Someone with PMP certification can earn as much as $20,000 more per year than their peers without [...]

The Best 6 Hiring Tips for Managers in Houston

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If you’re a hiring manager in Houston, then you know how important it can be to find the right candidate for the role. Companies are experiencing the crunch as Houston grows but the skilled workforce ages and retires. Finding great applicants that can step in and take your company to the next level is a never [...]

10 Reasons Why Young Professionals Move to Austin

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Austin, Texas recently made Forbes’ list of the 25 best cities in the United States for young professionals. That’s no surprise, since the city prides itself on being youthful, vibrant, and progressive while promoting a strong, business-centered economy. With a motto like “Keep Austin Weird” you have to figure there’s a lot going on behind the [...]

9 Best Short-Term Courses in New York to Boost Your Career in New York

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9 Best Short-Term Courses in New York to Boost Your Career in New York Today’s workplace is competitive. There is an ever-increasing number of applicants for most jobs – and the amount of those jobs has not necessarily kept pace. The labor force participation rate in America has been declining for the greater part of a [...]

9 Reasons Why It’s Great to Work in Chicago

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The Windy City is often ranked as one of the best cities to live in, worldwide. It’s got arts, culture, and job opportunities served up with a friendly, Midwestern vibe that helps tame the impersonal atmosphere that can accompany living in a large metropolitan area. For professionals looking to expand their horizons, there’s no better place [...]

12 Best Certificate Programs in Virginia that Pay Well

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What if there was an easy way to make more money in your career in a short amount of time? “Where do I sign up?” You’d ask. Right? As a professional in Alexandria, you already have a unique career advantage living in such close proximity to the nation’s capital. As the job market continues to rise [...]

How to Line Up a Job Before Moving to San Diego, CA

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Do you love the idea of waking up every day in beautiful San Diego? Living right on the Pacific Ocean? Enjoying the incredible weather and all the fun things to do? You’re certainly not alone. It seems like just about everyone who’s ever lived in San Diego would recommend the city and most who visit feel [...]

New Hire and Job Outlook for Seattle, Washington

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So, you’re looking for a new job and a new home in Seattle, Washington. Where do you start? You may be wondering, “Is Seattle a good place to live” or “How to find good jobs in Seattle”. Let us guide you through the job outlook, as well as a few reasons you may want to live [...]